• A royal feast - in "Wierzynek" restaurant

    Sometimes we need to experience and adventure... in some places the atmosphere itself takes us to a fantastic world. In the very heart of the Krakow Old Town, inside a historical tenement house – you…
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  • Factory Kraków - Outlet paradise

    Factory Kraków - Outlet paradise

    Located in Futura Park nearby Kraków, Factory Kraków is a place where the pleasure of shopping is accompanied by the pleasure derived from the fact that you have just bought original, brand clothes…
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  • The World Youth Day Cracow 2016

    The World Youth Day Cracow 2016

    The World Youth Day, which is going to be held in July in Kraków, is an event which may gather up to 2,500,000 people. The central places of the celebration will be Błonia Park, Jordan Park as well…
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  • Best events in Cracow

    Best events in Cracow

    The next couple of months in Kraków are going to be really exciting. The former capital of Poland is going to be visited by numerous world music stars, and several other entertaining events are going…
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  • Tyskie Browarium - museum of brewing

    Tyskie Browarium - museum of brewing

    Summer is a perfect moment to take even a small break from work, some rest as well as an interest in something new. If you happen to spend the summer in Kraków or nearby, it is worth taking a one-day…
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  • Snack bars in Krakow

    Snack bars in Krakow

    The idea of snack bars is simple: the atmosphere of the Polish People’s Republic, cheap alcohol, and cold snacks – herring, tartar, cottage cheese with chive, foot jelly. You drink there standing…
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  • Nightlife in Krakow

    Nightlife in Krakow

    Kraków, besides the capital, is said to be the best party city in Poland! Every weekend, countless pubs, bars, and clubs host thousands of partying residents of Kraków as well as tourists visiting the…
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  • The best ice cream in Krakow

    The best ice cream in Krakow

    The ice cream season will start off soon – the best ice cream is hand-made and prepared with delicious, fresh fruit in small craft ice cream shops. If you happen to be in Kraków this summer, make sure…
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  • Street food in Cracow

    Street food in Cracow

    Streetfood, prepared food sold for immediate consumption, has been in for several years and flourished in Polish cities in recent times. Small kiosks and foodtrucks serve something more than just burgers…
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  • Best hotels near Krakow

    Best hotels near Krakow

    If you are looking for a quiet hotel nearby Kraków, away from the hustle and bustle, but with good connection to the city centre, choose a high-class hotel near the city. Regardless of the fact whether…
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  • Souvenir shops in Krakow

    Souvenir shops in Krakow

    A visit in Kraków is a perfect chance to buy some interesting gadgets related to the capital of Małopolska. Jewellery, clothes and accessories with folk patterns, stuffed toys, figurines, dolls in traditional…
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  • Shopping streets in Krakow

    Shopping streets in Krakow

    Despite the big popularity of shopping centres, Kraków is still the leader when it comes to shopping in commercial streets. Atmospheric streets where you can find a cosy cafe to have some coffee and…
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  • Italian style feast - the best trattorias in Krakow

    Italian style feast - the best trattorias in Krakow

    Italian cuisine has been extremely popular with Polish restaurateurs. Italian joints pop up like mushrooms in the streets of Kraków. But to open a good trattoria which constantly attracts Mediterranean…
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  • Child-friendly cafes and restaurants in Cracow

    Child-friendly cafes and restaurants in Cracow

    Young parents often face inconveniences related to taking children to a cafe or restaurant. Such places happen to be unadjusted to the needs of children, they are not equipped with special small chairs…
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  • Best espresso in Cracow

    Best espresso in Cracow

    Cafes in Kraków – a lot can be said about them and even more about flavours of local espresso.  Warm atmospheric cafes smelling of coffee and cinnamon, full of deep comfortable armchairs. Modern,…
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  • Indian cuisine in Cracow

    Indian cuisine in Cracow

    Indian cuisine enjoys constant popularity with restaurateurs and culinary connoisseurs in Kraków. Although the number of Indian restaurants in this city is not great right now, there are places worth…
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  • Best Thai restaurants in Cracow

    Best Thai restaurants in Cracow

    Thai cuisine has been more and more popular due to very high quality of food produced in Thailand. That is why, ingredients which are used to prepare traditional Thai dishes not only taste great but also…
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  • Say hello to spring in Krakow!

    Say hello to spring in Krakow!

    First rays of spring sunshine announce the time of walks, picnics, afternoons spent with friends outdoors, and cycling trips. If you live in Kraków and wonder how to welcome spring in this big city –…
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  • Live music in Krakow!

    Live music in Krakow!

    Kraków is one of those locations on the map of Poland where the greatest number of concerts and mass events is held. That is because of the fact that there are many places where the biggest and most…
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  • Polish cuisine in Cracow - recommended restaurants

    Polish cuisine in Cracow - recommended restaurants

    Among the overwhelming number of Italian trattorias, small French bars or modern sushi-bars, customers more and more often search form traditional, home-made flavours. We recommend the best restaurants…
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  • Party streets in Cracow

    Party streets in Cracow

    The night life of Kraków focuses on the vicinities of the Main Square and Kazimierz – the biggest number of clubs is located in those parts of the city. Many spots are situated also in other districts…
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  • The best SPA in Cracow

    The best SPA in Cracow

    If you feel like spending a relaxing weekend in a SPA, you do not have to go to the seaside and cut off from the entire world in a charming forest. Polish cities, especially Kraków, offer a wide range…
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  • Healthy food restaurants - Cracow

    Healthy food restaurants - Cracow

    Restaurant customers become more conscious of healthy lifestyle and how food is produced. Therefore, the map of Kraków contains more and more spots offering healthy food, using only organic ingredients,…
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  • Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Cracow

    Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Cracow

    The growing popularity of vegetarianism and veganism contributes to the fact that restaurants and cafes specialising in meatless cuisine pop up like mushrooms. Also small non-vegetarian spots introduce…
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