Say hello to spring in Krakow!

First rays of spring sunshine announce the time of walks, picnics, afternoons spent with friends outdoors, and cycling trips. If you live in Kraków and wonder how to welcome spring in this big city – we give you a hint where it is worth going with a bunch of friends.

Get on a bike

Warmer days encourage people to go out and visit new places on the map of Kraków. Instead of wasting time in crowded trams and buses, explore the city on two wheels – you will have a great time and enjoy nice weather. If you have not got a bike, you can use Kraków Municipal Bikes. Located in 30 spots in the entire city, they are used by residents as well as tourists. Holders of Kraków City Card can use bikes with a discount – first 40 minutes of renting a bike is free of charge.

Visit unusual museums and monuments

The National Museum, the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec, St. Mary’s Church and the Cloth Hall – you have surely covered all those places in Kraków. Take up a new challenge this spring – visit unusual, rather niche, museums and galleries. Among such facilities, you can find the Museum of Municipal Engineering and located nearby Stanisław Lem Garden of Experience. This place is distinguished by interactive exhibitions which will surprise adults as well as they youngest visitors.

Another interesting museum in Kraków is the Stained Glass Museum – the exhibitions are held there in a still operating studio, established in 1902. With a bit of luck, visitors can witness young Polish artists creating their works. In the museum, you can also admire unique and well known masterpieces.

If you feel like spending time outdoors and enjoying the sun, go to Józef Mehoffer’s House at 26 Krupnicza Street and a unique garden adjacent to the house. The enclave of greenery known from his paintings was entirely designed by Mehoffer himself and makes a nice place for a spring walk.

Organise a picnic for friends

With a bit of good weather, it is worth gathering your gang of friends and enjoying what the most famous parks in Kraków have to offer with a basket of delicious snacks. Many people will go for a walk in famous Błonia Park – it is a perfect spot for a picnic, taking a dog for a walk, having fun with kids, or doing sports.

It also a good idea to check the Vistula Boulevards, and it is even better to combine a picnic with a walk in Kazimierz. You can have some coffee there or something stronger in one of the spots located on fishing boats by Bernatek Footbridge.

An interesting alternative is Jordan Park where a volleyball court, a football pitch, a basketball court, a skate park, playgrounds, a cycle town, as well as small eating places, where you can have something to drink and relax, have been opened for several years now.

Admire the views from a water tram

The water tram in Kraków is a one of kind phenomenon in terms of entire Poland. Although it is not an alternative for traditional public transport, a water tram trip is a nice way to spend a spring afternoon. Mainly because of picturesque views which can be admired during a voyage, it is worth spending over forty minutes to enjoy the whole route. Watching Kraków from the Vistula Boulevards is a brilliant idea to visit the city from a different perspective than usual.

Go for a walk in Zabłocie

A majority of residents of Kraków rarely visit the right bank of the Vistula – Zabłocie discourages rather than encourages tourists and residents with its post-industrial scenery. However, Zabłocie and its history have their charm. Facilities such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, Schindler’s Factory, and “Cricoteka” turns Zabłocie into a cultural district in the eyes of those with broad horizons. Currently, the district is connected with Kazimierz by Bernatek Footbridge so it can be reached on foot in less than 20 minutes.


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