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§ 1. General provisions and definitions


  1. The present terms and conditions are terms and conditions mentioned in article 8 of the act of 18 July 2002 – Act on Rendering Electronic Services (Dziennik Ustaw Nr. 144, item 1204).

  2. The website viacitymap.pl (hereinafter called “Site”) available at: www.viacity.map.pl and its subdomains belongs to Anna Szumniak (TIN: 9372393555 , REGON: 122538222) and Anna Wyrzykowską (TIN: 6191969760 , REGON: 302077233), who operate a business together under the name: VIA CITY MAP S C ANNA SZUMNIAK ANNA WYRZYKOWSKA, ul. Ratuszowa 12/4, 63-600 Kępno, REGON 302081542, TIN: 6192019813 (hereinafter called “Operator”).

  3. The Site is an informative online platform operated by the Operator via which people using the Site (“User”) can learn about the Materials published by the Operator and cooperating subjects (“Partner”), post their own comments and make appraisal in assigned places of the Site. Moreover, the Operator renders electronic service based on receiving from the Operator and Partners Materials and Information e.g. concerning cultural events, restaurants, hotels, places worth visiting.

  4. The main purpose of the Site is providing Users with information concerning everyday events in a given Polish city and making places of the Site available for the Users to present various types of information and opinions provided by Users, the Operator, and Partners. Offers and information posted on the Site have only an informative character, they are not Operator’s offers according to the Polish civil code, their authenticity and validity may not be verified by the Operator. The offers may contain photos in form of screenshots and redirecting links to Partners and other cooperating subjects.

  5. Information, Materials, advertisements and Partners’ commercial offers shall be posted on the Site.

  6. The Operator operates the Site in terms of technical and organisational aspects in order to maintain proper work of the Site.

  7. “Materials” mentioned in the Terms and Conditions are all contents posted on the Site by the Operator, Partners and Users in any form, especially texts, graphics, photos, sounds, audiovisual materials regardless of the fact whether they are consider to be works in terms of copyrights;

  8. Any person of full legal age with the capacity to perform acts in law can become a User.

  9. Using the Site takes place according to the present Terms and Conditions (hereinafter called “Terms and Conditions”).

  10. The possibility to make appraisal and posting comments of the Materials on the Site by the Users requires registering each time by the User, entering required data and depends on previous reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions. The Operator enables Users to read and accept the Term and Conditions during registration and via the Site.

  11. The Operator makes the contents of the Terms and Conditions available free of charge at the link included on the Site, on the website tab called “Terms and Conditions”. The published contents of the Terms and Conditions are downloadable by every User as a PDF file which makes it possible to store its contents in the ordinary course of business.

  12. The services on the Site are provided in Polish and English. 


§ 2. Site’s scope of operation


  1. The Operator via the Site provides Services free of charge, they include:

      a) Browsing contents of the Site and reading Materials,

      b) Commenting some of the contents of the Site where the Operator makes it possible to,

      c) Making appraisal related to the Materials, places and events posted on the Site by the Users by giving a particular number of stars         within a category provided by the Operator – from one to five,

      d )The possibility to receive Materials and information from the Operator and Partners via Newsletter cyclically,

  1. Access to the service mentioned in sec. 1 item a) does not require registration.

  2. Access to the services mentioned in sec. 1 items b) – d) requires registration.

  3. The agreement on rendering electronic services (using Newsletter service) is concluded between the Operator and a User after a successful completion of relevant boxes and accepting by the User the registration form, posted on the Site and after accepting the Terms and Conditions by the User.

  4. To use the Site, a User is required to have a device with access to the Internet and equipped with a browser (recommended are: Mozilla Firefox, at least 24.0, Opera from version 10, Google Chrome version 28.0 or newer and MS Internet Explorer at least 8.0) which provides cookies and Java scripts. Other browsers are allowed if they match the versions of the above mentioned ones.

  5. To provide safety when using the Site, it is recommended that the device used by a User is equipped with:

      a) An antivirus system with the latest virus definitions and updates,

      b) An effective firewall,

      c) All available updates of the operational system and the web browser concerning security installed,

      d) A Software providing opening Flash, JPEG, PDF, HTML files.


§ 3. Registration and Personal Data


  1. In order to gain access to some of the Services provided by the Operator via the Site, a User should register on the Site which requires giving some personal data (“Registration”). Moreover, the Registration is based on answering questions asked by the Site on the profile of a given Service. The Registration is free of charge.

  2. Providing personal data required during the Registration by the User is voluntary.

  3. Users who gave their personal data on the Site have access and ability to modify or delete them. In order to delete personal data from the Site, an email should be sent to the Operator: info@viacitymap.com, or a letter should be sent to the Operator’s registered office. Such email or letter should include personal data which are to be deleted from the database of the Site and details concerning actions which should be taken. A request to delete personal data not ascribed to an email address from which a request was sent shall not be realised unless there is a User’s who owns the concerned personal data written confirmation.

  4. The personal data collected by the Operator are used only for the following purposes:

      a) Efficient communication between the Site and a User,

      b) Informing a User about updates and news on the Site if a User agrees to it separately,

      c) Entrusting, processing and transferring them to third parties if a User gave a permission.

  1. During the Registration, a User agrees to receive informative emails related to providing service by the Site.

  2. During the Registration, a User may give permission to receive informative emails and with other commercial information from the Operator and Partners if a certain box has been marked.

  3. Collected personal data are managed by the Operator. The Operator is entitled not to give the personal data to other parties, subjects, unless they shall realise goals specified in sec. 4 or the Operator is required to provide the data pursuant to the law or a User permits to give the personal data to third parties.

  4. The Operator is entitled to protect all data provided by the Users according to the manner prescribed by the law.

  5. The Site uses cookies files. The personal data collected by these files can be collected for purposes of certain functions for the User and to optimize the Site. Such data are encrypted in a way preventing from accessing them by unauthorised parties. Deleting the files does not make it impossible to use the Site, however, may lead to difficulties when using some of its functions.

  6. The providing services via the Site agreement is concluded for indefinite time and can be cancelled according to § 3 sec. 12 of the Terms and Conditions.

  7. Within 10 days after requesting a Newsletter service, therefore the time when the Operator begins providing services, a User may withdraw without providing any justification by an electronic or written statement (to maintain the time it is enough to send a letter before the expiration date). In order to withdraw from receiving the service from the Operator, an email should be sent to the Operator to:info@viacitymap.com, or a letter should be sent to the Operator’s registered office.

  8. A User is entitled to request ending providing services by the Site. Information concerning resignation (notice) should be sent to the Operator’s email address: info@viacitymap.com. The service shall be cancelled immediately, within 14 days after delivering the notice to the Operator.


§ 4. Site’s rights and duties


  1. The Operator guarantees proper work of the Site.

  2. The Operator is entitled to inform Users about planned breaks in availability of the Site on the openly available sites 7 days before the planned break.

  3. The Operator has a right to turn down a registration if a User does not meet conditions mentioned in the Terms and Conditions or if the Operator has justified suspicions concerning validity of personal data provided during registration. The Operator may take further actions in order to verify doubts related to personal data provided during registration. In case of turning down a registration, a User shall be informed immediately via email within 7 days from completing the registration.

  4. Turning down a User’s registration may take place in the following situations:

      a) Personal data or information provided by a registering person are invalid or impossible to verify,

      b) A registering person is underage or does not have capacity to perform acts in law,

      c) A User violated the Terms and Conditions or the law,

      d) A User acted to detriment of the Site or other Users, Partners, third parties via the Site or actions against the law,

      e) A User provides false information or purposely misleads other Users,

      f) A User uses vulgar words anywhere on the Site or posts contents bearing the hallmarks of defamation.

  1. The Operator posts on the Site Materials directly created on its own or by its Partners. The Operator is not responsible for quality and accuracy of the Materials and opinions created by other parties than itself.

  2. The Operator has a right to modify and delete Users’ comments pursuant to the Terms and Conditions.

§ 5.User’s rights and duties


  1. A User of the Site is particularly entitled to:

      a) Use services offered by the Site according to the generally applicable law and the Terms and Conditions,

      b) Provide no contents against the generally applicable law,

      c) Provide no contents contrary to decency and principles of social life according to the Polish civil code.

  1. A User has a right to view, modify and delete all its personal data from the Site.

  2. A User is entitled to update its personal data in case of any changes. The Operator is not responsible for not making such necessary changes. A User is responsible for it each time.

  3. A User has a right to complain about the quality of the provided services by the Operator via email to the Operator: info@viacitymap.com. The Operator shall examine complaints filed by a User for which it is responsible within 2 weekdays after a User’s complaint is received. If a complaint is accepted, the Operator shall immediately fix the faulty service and shall inform a User about it forthwith.

  4. A User has a right to post comments on the Site where it is allowed. Comments are always Users’ private opinions. The Users’ comments are moderated by the Operator before or after they are posted. Comments which violate the Terms and Conditions, generally applicable law, are insulting , contain spam or commercial contents shall be deleted by the Operator.

  5. The Operator and a User are forbidden to provide unlawful contents via the Site.

§ 6. Newsletter


  1. A User may order a Newsletter by giving a permission to receive commercial information as defined in Art. 10, section 2. in act of 18 July 2002 – Act on Rendering Electronic Services (Dziennik Ustaw Nr. 144, item 1204). Therefore, the Operator shall send cyclically informative, commercial, marketing contents and messages about the latest offers and special offers available at the Operator and Partners to an email provided by a User.

  2. The Newsletter subscription service is free of charge and available for every registered User.

  3. In scope of the Newsletter service, information in form of an email message shall be sent.

  4. A User may withdraw its permission to receive informative and commercial contents by sending an email with such request to the Operator.

  5. Using a service provided via email is determined by having an active and properly configured email account.


§ 7. Cookies


  1. A “cookie” file – information saved by the servers of the Site or by the Partners’ servers on a Users’ device which can be loaded by the servers during each connection from this device. Cookie files (Cookies) are computer data stored on a User’s device. Cookies usually contain a name of the domain of a site from which they come, storage time on a User’s device and a unique number.

  2. The principles included in the Terms and Conditions concerning cookies files are applied also to other similar technologies used by the Site.

  3. The subjects posting information in form of cookie files on a User’s device when using the Site and accessing them are the Operator and partner companies contributing to the Operator’s website and mobile applications, especially companies such as Google and Facebook.

  4. The Operator or partner companies place cookies files on Users’ devices when using Operator’s websites and mobile applications in order to:

      a) Adjust contents of websites and mobile applications to User’s preferences and to optimise using these services; these files especially           allow to recognise website or mobile application used by a User and view contents properly, adjusted to individual needs,

      b) Create stats which help understand how Users use the Operator’s websites and mobile applications which makes it possible to               improve their structure and contents,

      c) Maintain User’s session on the website or mobile application,

      d) Provide Users with commercial information adjusted to their interests,

      e) Create audience stats of Operator’s websites and mobile applications,

      f) Save and analyse Google Analytics and Google AdWords stats, among others.

  1. Cookies files saved by the Operator or partner companies on a User’s device do not serve to identify a User thanks to them and its identity is not determined basing on them.

  2. A User may delete cookies files saved on its device at any time via options available in the browser.

  3. Default settings of the available Internet browsers accept creating cookies files on a User’s device. Every User may be against saving cookies files on its device. In order to do so, an option to switch off cookies files mechanism in a given browser on a computer, mobile phone, tablet and any other device should be used. These settings may be changed in such a way that cookies files are automatically blocked by the browser or information about saving them on a User’s device is displayed every single time. Detailed information about methods of using cookie files is available in software (browser) settings.


§ 8. Final provisions


  1. The Terms and Conditions have been in effect since July 3, 2014.

  2. The Terms and Conditions are made available to a User only in an electronic form on the Site. A User may print the Terms and Conditions and save it on a storage device.

  3. The Operator has a right to modify the Term and Conditions. The changes do not influence User’s rights and duties negatively in terms of the realised Services. Users shall be informed about changes of the Terms and Conditions via the website and emails sent to Users whether they provided the Operator with their email addresses no later than 14 days after the new Terms and Conditions come into effect. Provided a User does not accept the new Terms and Conditions, it has a right to withdraw from using the Site and demand deleting its data.

  4. To all matters not settled by the present Terms and Conditions the Polish law shall apply.

  5. Contact with the Operator is possible via a form available on the Site in the tab “Contact” or via email address:info@viacitymap.com.

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