Senses Restaurant

The Michelin Guide has been published for over 100 years to distinguish the catering establishments which are really worth visiting. So far, only one Polish restaurant has received such an honour. However, this year, another one has been awarded the Michelin Start – Senses in Warsaw.

The uniqueness of the place lies mainly in the local chef – Andrea Camastra. Often referred to as an artist rather than a cook, the virtuoso of flavours never stops searching for new culinary experiences. To discover new genius combinations, he uses a laboratory located nearby his kitchen. There, thanks to machines most of us have never heard of, Camastra creates solutions which will impress everyone once again.

Particularly notable is the way Senses supplies its kitchen. There is no room for random deliveries. Fallow deer, pork, poultry as well as many vegetables and fruit are supplied to Bielańska Street from the restaurant’s own organic farm. Eels come from Mazurian lakes, lobsters from Portugal, urchins from southern waters of Italy, truffles from Umbria, while chocolate from Switzerland. Each day begins with making butter and baking bread. Everything is fresh every single day. Then, the menu is prepared based on the supplied ingredients. Speaking of the menu, it is another feature which makes Senses unique in the entire Warsaw – different every day, adjusted to fresh regional products which come to Bielańska Street from every place in the world.

Details are also very important in Senses – even the plates are designed for particular dishes. The restaurant ensures fantastic wine pairing, while skilled and polite service makes sure from the very first moment that every customer feels exceptionally.

Still, there is one advantage which stands out from the rest, the one that is essential for every single restaurant – exquisite food. Culinary experiments stay in the kitchen, well-thought, perfectly composed and mainly delicious dishes are served to customers.

The name of the restaurant is not a coincidence – the team working at 12 Bielańska Street will take care of all your senses. They specialise in masterpieces which smell, look and most importantly taste exceptionally. The recently received Michelin Star seems a natural thing. What is more, after visiting Senses you will feel that is not the last one!

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