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These days, when we’re surrounded by constant changes, it’s worth turning to nature to find solace. By returning to the roots, we feel peace and quiet, can find a new source of energy to face the world and modern challenges. In busy cities, we can discover green oases of peace which will feed the body and soul.

In two amazing restaurants located in Warsaw in two different yet equally green locations you can relax and regenerate in a unique way. Dom Polski in Saska Kępa and Dom Polski Belwederska in Mokotów are inspired by nature, use traditional recipes passed from a generation to a generation. They also have great respect for Polish cultural heritage, which is combined, however, with creativity and brand new fresh ideas. As a result, we’re provided with a fantastic combination of what’s proven and constant with new exciting flavours. The chefs use products of the highest quality delivered by local suppliers, which provide a healthy and tasty base for culinary masterpieces. Every dish or dessert is made using only natural ingredients, which guarantees full flavour and natural wealth. The menu is designed depending on the season, which further increases cohesion and authenticity of the local cuisine.

Both restaurants are located in charming villas and are popular not only with the residents of Warsaw but also with people from all over the world who gladly return to them. Dom Polski in Saska Kępa has a long history since it was opened back in 1998. The “younger” of the restaurants, located by the Royal Łazienki Park, was designed by Marcin Weinfeld, an acclaimed architect from the pre-war era. In both restaurants, the home-like atmosphere guarantees great experience right from the start. Either in Saska Kępa or at Belwederska Street, you can expects beautiful and stylish interiors as well as lovely tables in summer gardens. During the season, you can feel the summer in its full glory surrounded by genuine natural beauty. There’s nothing better than the scent of true flowers and sunlight shining through leaves. In Winter, the atmospheric orangery is at guests’ disposal (in Saska Kępa).

To make the most of such a lovely atmosphere it’s worth sharing it with friends. The owners of the restaurants are really open when it comes to organising parties and approach each case individually. The interior can be arranged in many various ways. Tables can be placed according to customers’ expectations and in way that guarantees that the space of Dom Polski is used to its full potential.

Let’s not forget that all progress is based on tradition. That’s why, it’s good to return to the roots from time to time. The restaurants Dom Polski are places where the tradition is shown in its best, most genuine form. It’s light, surrounded by home-like atmosphere and open to new ideas. Spending time in such a surrounding and watching the world from such a perspective is a really pleasant experience.



ul. Francuska 11
+48 22 616 24 32
Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday 12:00 p.m. - 11 p.m.
PLN 26-98

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  • Najbardziej polska knajpa i kuchnia w Warszawie moim zdaniem, którą polecam każdemu, kto chcę poczuć polski klimat w stolicy. Bardzo ciekawe miejsce, do tego karta pełna smakołyków.
  • Moja ulubiona restauracja Warszawska, piękne i smaczne jedzenie, choć porcje raczej małe.. Walory estetyczne 10/10 i obsługa prawidłowa