Słodki... Słony

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Słodki…Słony is a combination of a confectionary and a restaurant. You will not be able to take your eyes off delicious and intriguing colours as well as shapes which are displayed in a stylish window. A bright, warm interior invites to a place full of sweetness which your taste buds have not had a chance to taste yet.

Słodki...Słony is an outstanding masterpiece by one of the best known Polish restaurateurs ‒ Magda Gessler. This is a superb combination of artistic imagination with knowledge of culinary possibilities. Not only the flavour but also the way the dishes are served will bring you culinary pleasure. The interior decoration goes perfectly with the served food, while vivid, colourful flowers complete the whole.

The restaurant, which is highly appreciated by the residents of Warsaw, after some time became famous in the entire country. Taste of the local Decquise cake is something you will miss right after you leave the place. Everything is prepared here with the freshest ingredients according to Ms. Gessler own recipes. She always makes sure that everything is in order. Wonderful home-made leavened dough, doughnuts with rose preserve, éclairs in various flavours are just some of the offered specialties.

What is more, the restaurant also offers a salty menu, including: Japanese as well as traditional tartar, cupcakes with horseradish mousse, goat cheese baked eggplant with balsamic vinegar, soups, salads and pancakes.

You cannot resist temptations of Słodki...Słony.



ul. Mokotowska 45
+ 48 22 622 49 34
Opening hours:
Monday: 11:00 a.m. - till the last guest
Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 a.m. - till the last guest
PLN 6-60

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  • No de1 se tam dostat pre1vě přes ten dotaz zadanfd do vhyelde1vače, kterfd je vidět na tom obre1zku kino praha dnes večer a podobně. Placene1 služba by asi moc neprorazila :-))) 0 0
  • Špatně jste mě pochopil, je1 mlesyla ty změny ktere9 se dějed v ree1lu, ne ve vašich čle1ncedch, ty čle1nky a fotky jsou perfektned a moc se mě ledbed. Děkuji ve1m za ně, člověk si uvědomed, jak stromy vyrostly, a my ?????
  • Pysznie, w przystępnej cenie, dobre miejsce na smaczną ucztę. Obsługa w porządku, atmosfera i wystrój dostojna, jednym spasuje, innym nie.. Najbardziej polecam oczywiście bezę, w końcu lokal powiązany z panią Gessler ;)
  • Zupy, sałatki i desery to trzy powody, dla których uwielbiam tu wracać, przepysznie i cenowo w porządku, obsługa zawsze pomocna, a i klimat i wystrój są super