Healthy food restaurants - Cracow

Restaurant customers become more conscious of healthy lifestyle and how food is produced. Therefore, the map of Kraków contains more and more spots offering healthy food, using only organic ingredients, avoiding adding unhealthy fats, sugar or gluten. More and more people, when choosing to go out for lunch, require not only taste and appetising look from a dish, but also they want it to be healthy and nutritious as well as good for their health.

Spółdzielnia Organic Bar & Take-away

Located near Plac Wolnica, at 11 Meiselsa Street, Spółdzielnia is an organic bar serving vegetarian dishes based on organic ingredients obtained directly from local Polish farms. In order to create a space for development of organic thoughts and discussion about eating healthy, Spółdzielnia offers its customers gluten-free dishes with low salt and fat content, and without ingredients of animal origin. Instead, we get satisfying various dishes containing delicious groats, vegetables, leguminous plants, as well as tempeh and tofu. You can eat inside an atmospheric animal-friendly interior or get a takeaway. The offer of Spółdzielnia also includes “eco-fast food” – healthy vegetable wraps to eat on the way.

27 Porcji Slow Food

The fashion for slow food, preparing healthy food with attention to detail (unlike fastfood), has also reached Kraków. Much interest in this trend is confirmed by the popularity of 27 Porcji, situated at 2B Chmieleniec Street. Among the unusual dishes prepared on a daily basis, you can find such delicious things as livers with apples and thyme puree, rabbit comber with lentils and broccoli. It is worth visiting this place even if you are not a big fan of healthy food and usually prefer a juicy burger.

Zdrowe Love – mood for food

Zdrowe Love is a quite new bistro located at 8/1 Kraszewskiego Street. It is a result of love for healthy dishes, delicious coffee, and fantastic desserts. Cosy interior and access to Wi-Fi turn this place into a perfect sport for healthy breakfast and morning press. Apart from light dishes, salads, and smoothies, you can try kumpir – a large baked potato with hot stuffing. Enjoy!

WieloPole 3 – not only for fans of gluten-free food

A unique spot on the culinary map of Kraków is WieloPole 3. This restaurant serves only gluten-free and vegan dishes. They are all prepared systematically and made of fresh vegetables, organic cheeses as well as eggs. The menu is full of exceptional main courses and soups, as well as delicious desserts, classic variations.

Leniwe Kopytko - slow food for here and to go

A new spot on the map of Kraków which joined the city’s offer in when it comes to healthy food is Leniwe Kopytko Slow Food (11 Meiselsa). The restaurant is located in Kazimierz and serves dishes made of fresh organic ingredients for a reasonable price. The reason for the inexpensive menu of the bistro is cooperation with Kraków Food Cooperative. The offer of the restaurant includes dishes related to traditional cuisine, also vegan and vegetarian versions. You can buy pies, different every day, for only PLN 5 per piece. They really go nicely with delicious coffee and bio-tea.

Zielona Kuchnia – fresh and healthy catering

For those who prefer food delivered to work or home, great lunch offer is prepared by Zielona Kuchnia healthy catering. The offer is friendly to those on a gluten-free diet, vegetarians, and vegans, but generally it includes dishes of traditional cuisine prepared in a fancy way. The menu changes every day. For fans of eating out, the company opened a restaurant at 8/9 Grabowskiego Street.


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