Best espresso in Cracow

Cafes in Kraków – a lot can be said about them and even more about flavours of local espresso. 

Warm atmospheric cafes smelling of coffee and cinnamon, full of deep comfortable armchairs. Modern, minimalist interiors equipped with pieces of upcycled furniture or pieces prepared by famous Polish designers. Places where you can work on your laptop for hours, arrange a meeting to chat with friends, spend a romantic evening with your significant other, or grab a quick espresso at the bar. 

The biggest choice – Pożegnanie z Afryką

Coffee connoisseurs will gladly visit Pożegnanie z Afryką for sure to search for new flavours. It is the oldest coffee shop in Kraków and has got an atmospheric cafe, whose variety of flavours and aromas is simply impressive. Pożegnanie z Afryką is located at 21 św. Tomasz Street and offers coffee brewed in 6 different ways. The local specialty is coffee brewed in a unique pressure coffee infuser, Scheherazade, and served in a traditional china pot. Of course, traditional coffees, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, and Vienna coffee, are also available. On hot days, there is nothing better than refreshing yourself with granite coffee – served with coffee ice cubes.

Sweet flavours – Cafe Wierzynek

People fond of sweet deserts and delicious coffee will definitely fancy Cafe Wierzynek, which is a part of a luxurious gastronomic initiative – Wierzynek. Located on the Main Square, the cosy cafe offers goodies prepared by gifted confectioners from Słodki Wierzynek: unique pralines, pies, and desserts. Among the served coffees, the presidential coffee is the true specialty. It is coffee with some miodula prezydencka, traditional Polish mead.

Cheder Cafe – nurturing the tradition

Cheder Cafe, located in the very heart of Kazimierz – a historic Jewish district, is a part of the Jewish Culture Festival. Meetings, concerts, discussions, and lectures related to this part of Kraków are held here. The menu of the cafe is also a reference to the Jewish culture – you can drink here spiced coffee brewed in a brass finjan, Moroccan mint coffee, and kosher wine.

Mamy Cafe – for big and small

Young parents often struggle to find enough time to meet with friends – you cannot just leave a small child alone, and many places are not adjusted to visiting them with kids. Still, there is an alternative – a cafe whose target group are mums with children (but not only!). The space of Mamy Cafe is wonderfully adapted – there is a fun zone for children, which is full of various toys, whereas parents can take a break while enjoying some coffee and dessert.

Karma – coffee brewed on the spot

Karma, a cafe located at Krupnicza Street, is a perfect choice for those who prefer healthy goodies, coffee brewed on the spot and served with plant milk, and organic tea. Karma Roasters is a coffee brewery and a small vegetarian restaurant at the same time. You can drink here some delicious coffee distinguished by a deep flavour and eat vegetarian, gluten-free cakes and tarts. The menu is rich and also includes tasty lunch dishes for a reasonable price.

Grabbing coffee in slippers – Domówka Cafe

Domówka Cafe, a place full of good coffee and board games, was established for people preferring home, unpretentious atmosphere and board games. A board games rental is open here every single day, so if you want to spend a nice evening with friends, just rent one of the classic board games for free, order some aromatic coffee, and have a great time. What is more, special sessions are held every Thursday. They are run by a special instructor, who will explain all the rules even to complete beginners.

For cinema-goers: Filmowa Cafe

Situated in the mezzanine of Kino Kijów, Filmowa Cafe is an atmospheric place with an impressive view of Krasiński Alley. Those who like discussing with friends about a film after the showing will find this place perfect. Good, aromatic coffee, delicious desserts, and beautiful view, especially in the evening, invite to spend here the evening after a showing. A large and well-equipped fun zone for children guarantees that even the youngest cinema-goers will enjoy their visit here!


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