• Bierhalle restaurants in Poland

    BIERHALLE restaurants in Poland Bierhalle is a chain that combines restaurants with breweries. It was founded in Poland in 2005. The venues are designed to look like a German beerhouse. They are located…
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    AESTHETIC MEDICINE in WARSAW – our recommendations of the best clinics . There’s a lot of aesthetic medicine clinics in Warsaw. Here are the most renown ones: Ambroziak Clinic – this is a unique…
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  • Best nightclubs in Warsaw

    Warsaw is a sleep that never sleeps. You can count on all-night parties, amazing people and world-famous DJs. It’s not always easy to find a club where you can enjoy an excellent drink and admire, for…
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  • Best places for shopping in Warsaw

    Best places for shopping in Warsaw Warsaw’s shopping centres are not only places for shopping. They’re great for social and business meetings, especially for visitors from outside the city. You can…
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  • TOP 10 spots in Warsaw

    TOP 10 spots in Warsaw

    TOP 10 spots in Warsaw The Royal Łazienki Park was once a summer residence of the Polish King Stanisław August. Today, it’s a green park and palace complex full of walkers and tourists, where you…
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  • Hydropolis Wrocław

    Hydropolis Wrocław

    Fun and science at Hydropolis Hydropolis is a unique knowledge centre, which combines educational values with modern forms of exhibition. It helps discover the processes that involve water – from the…
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  • Azia Restaurants

    Azia Restaurants

    “We’re AZIA Restaurants and were born from the owner’s innovative idea for a modern Asian restaurant.” A modern Asian restaurant – what could it mean? First of all – an area which can surprise…
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  • Złote Tarasy

    Złote Tarasy

    ZłoteTarasy is a shopping centre in the very centre of Warsaw. It can be easily accessed from various parts of the capital as well as from more distant places because of an underground connection with…
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  • Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera - The Polish Context

    Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera - The Polish Context

    Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: The Polish Context – exhibition displayed at the ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań until 21.01.2018 Frida Kahlo de Rivera is famous all around the world. The Mexican artist…
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  • Restaurant Polska Różana

    Restaurant Polska Różana

    Restaurant Polska Różana   Vases with fresh cut flowers, embroidered cloths on tables, discrete lighting and live music piano... that’s how we’re welcomed at the Restaurant Polska Różana. Both…
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  • InVite hotel

    What do we need when coming to Wrocław? First of all, a cosy and comfortable place to sleep which offers tasty breakfast and a place to work. Hotel InVite, as the name suggests, is such a place. Located…
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  • A royal feast - in "Wierzynek" restaurant

    Sometimes we need to experience and adventure... in some places the atmosphere itself takes us to a fantastic world. In the very heart of the Krakow Old Town, inside a historical tenement house – you…
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  • Hala Koszyki

    Hala Koszyki

    Madrid can brag about Mercado de San Miguel, London – Borough Market, New York– Chelsea Market, whereas Warsaw – Koszyki.After undergoing a thorough renovation, this over one hundred year old building…
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  • Warszawski Sznyt

    Warszawski Sznyt

    Spring is yet to come, but an interesting place already appeared in the Old Town on 1 March. During an early spring walk, it is worth visiting 2 Senatorska Street where in the office building Plac Zamkowy…
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  • Platinum Residence - comfortable place

    Platinum Residence - comfortable place

    Are you planning a stay in Warsaw? If you value comfort, a hotel will certainly provide services of the highest quality. Still, you lose privacy and cosiness ensured by an apartment. However, if you select…
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  • Africarium – journey to the Dark Continent

    Africarium – journey to the Dark Continent

    The Wrocław Zoo has a pavilion which is open 365 days a year! Of course, we are talking about Africarium, a place where water ecosystems create a unique complex available to visitors. 19 water tanks…
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  • Places in Warsaw with healthy food

    Places in Warsaw with healthy food

    The awareness of the importance of healthy food is constantly growing. Also the number of places where you can get unprocessed organic food is increasing, as well. That is why, we have prepared a list…
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  • Cultural Autumn 2016

    Cultural Autumn 2016

    Cultural Autumn 2016 Although we are in the middle of summer, it is worth planning your autumn cultural calendar. This year, you can expect lots of events. Below, we present a few interesting suggestions.…
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  • Second half of the festival season (August/September/October)

    Second half of the festival season (August/September/October)

    Summer is the time of the biggest music festivals. July and Opener, one of the largest music festivals in Poland, are gone, but there is a lot of interesting concerts still to come. Kraków Live Festival…
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  • Concerts in Warsaw - 2016

    Concerts in Warsaw - 2016

    In the next few weeks Warsaw will host some really amazing shows! We have prepared a little timetamble for You, so You won't miss out on any of them. 05.08.2016 Rihanna One of this year’s…
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  • The British Primary School of Wilanow

    The British Primary School of Wilanow

    The British Primary School of Wilanow is the junior section of a new British-run, British-curriculum school in Warsaw. Opened in 2015, in the upscale suburb of Wilanow, the school offers an exciting,…
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  • Charlotte – chleb i wino

    Charlotte – chleb i wino

    Foreign cuisine is becoming more and more popular, that is why, the number of restaurants, cafes and bars serving delicacies from other countries is growing, as well. Still, it is often the case that…
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  • The Alchemist

    The Alchemist

    The number of pubs in cities is constantly growing – no wonder, the demand is huge. However, the demand for such places is not the only thing that’s getting bigger and bigger. The same goes for expectations…
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  • Magic of International Schools

    Magic of International Schools

    Nowadays, more and more parents decide to send their children to international schools where classes are held in English, while syllabuses and teaching methods are based on West European or American models.…
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