Places in Warsaw with healthy food

The awareness of the importance of healthy food is constantly growing. Also the number of places where you can get unprocessed organic food is increasing, as well.

That is why, we have prepared a list of recommended places in Warsaw which are worth checking out:


Three days a week, every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, we encourage you to familiarise yourselves with the offer of BioBazar. This is a colourful outdoor market only with fresh organic vegetables and fruit, supplied directly by farmers and manufacturers.

You can ask sellers about anything, for example for advice on products you have just bought. Apart from vegetables and fruit, the market also offers fresh eggs, dairy products, cheese, poultry, cured meat, fish, pies, home-made bread, oil and even natural cosmetics.

Once you finish doing the shopping, you can enjoy a cup of aromatic tea and a concert. In the meantime, children can have fun on swings or participate in interesting workshops.

Bazar Olkuska

In Stary Mokotów, you can buy Polish and foreign products of high quality 6 days a week.

The sold products are carefully selected in order to meet the preferences of even the most demanding customers.

The market is located in a renovated building and in an additional part, built especially for this purpose. Customers can find the freshest regional products such as vegetables, fruit, preserves, fish, meat, cured meat, drinks as well as exotic delicacies from different parts of the world.

Breakfast Market in Żoliborz

We invite all those longing for delicious food outdoors combined with sale of the best products for joint celebration. This year, the Breakfast Market is present every Saturday until the end of September also on the other side of the Vistula – in Park nad Balatonem, whereas on Sunday – in Skwer AK Granat in Mokotów. Soon, the fourth location will be opened.

Breakfast Market in Żoliborz every Saturday from 09:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. corner of Aleja Wojska Polskiego and Śmiała Street.

Breakfast Market in Praga Południe – Gocław every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. Park nad Balatonem (Gen. R. Abrahama Street)

Breakfast Market in Mokotów and Ursynów every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. Skwer AK Granat (corner of Puławska and Woronicza Street) Park Przy Bażanterii

Forteca Kręgliccy

Every Wednesday, fans of healthy products can visit the Good Food Market.​ Anyone who cares about organic food will have a chance to purchase fresh eggs, dairy products, cured meat, aromatic honey, herbs, coffee, tea as well as various types of flour and groats. 

Fish Market The Warsaw Uprising Square is a place for all fans of fish. Soles, anglers, gilt-head breams, swordfish, halibuts, herrings, sardines, anchovies, eels, mackerels are just some of the fresh fish sold on this market.

What is more, you can choose from various fish preserves: trout pate, bream roulades with apricot or plum, herrings with cranberry, pear, gingerbread or tomato.

Wege Bazar

For all those who are searching for new meatless flavours – we recommend this vegan market. Customers will find here home-made dumplings, organic vegetables, natural leavened bread, delicious vegan biscuits and natural diet supplements.

Wege Bazar is open in different locations and hours.

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