Africarium – journey to the Dark Continent

The Wrocław Zoo has a pavilion which is open 365 days a year!

Of course, we are talking about Africarium, a place where water ecosystems create a unique complex available to visitors.

19 water tanks and pools with a total capacity of nearly 15,000,000 litres contain some amazing species of fish and other animals living in the Black Sea, the Nile River, the Great Rift Valley, the depths of Mozambique Channel, the Skeleton Coast (Namibia) and the jungle of the Congo basin.

Visitors move in a special underwater, acryl tunnel to admire various species of underwater animals, including sharks and stingrays.

​ The exhibition devoted to Namibia presents animals living not only in the water but also on the land such as penguins and South African fur seals.

Particularly impressive is the Black Sea reef with 1,500 different fish in all colours as well as 1,200 artificial corals.

Going further, you will have a chance to see animals typical of the land environment. Nile hippopotami, which are not associated with grace, move in the water with amazing charm. What is more, you can watch aardvarks, which are extremely similar to anteaters, carefully searching for their favourite treats.

Right next to them, you will find sand puppies – lovely and clumsy rodents which move anyone who sees them.

Going a bit further, there are the nimble dik-diks, i.e. small antelopes.

At one point, visitors of Africarium will have to look up to see majestic flying animals: exotic ducks, ibises and hamerkops.

When speaking about the Dark Continent, you cannot forget about scary yet admirable crocodiles and herbivorous manatees, called sirens.

If you are still not satisfied with the number of impressive sights, the Africarium has also two 8-metre waterfalls and a retractable roof.

Apart from breathtaking sights and various species of interesting animals, the Africarium has to offer several practical and attractive rooms.

The complex also contains a conference room for 160 people, an education room for approximately 30 people, a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

The Africarium is a place which you cannot afford to miss when visiting Wrocław.

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