Platinum Residence - comfortable place

Are you planning a stay in Warsaw?

If you value comfort, a hotel will certainly provide services of the highest quality. Still, you lose privacy and cosiness ensured by an apartment.

However, if you select an apartment, you miss out on additional services that make your life easier, in particular if you are busy professionals.

The best solution is a combination of advantages of both facilities. In order to measure up to such expectations, an exceptional project, called the Platinum Residence, was established.

It is a modern complex offering completely furnished apartments, with a reception desk and concierge services, access to an exclusive fitness club, all supported by additional services.

The apartments situated in the centre of Warsaw, in Platinum Towers, are forming a complex with the building of the Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Centre.

The apartments are furnished and equipped to satisfy the sophisticated taste and needs of their residents.

Platinum Residence is located in a dynamically developing part of Warsaw, right next to the biggest tourist attractions as well as to a business and financial centre.

Zachęcamy do odwiedzenia strony:  http://www.platinumresidence.com/

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