Warszawski Sznyt

Spring is yet to come, but an interesting place already appeared in the Old Town on 1 March. During an early spring walk, it is worth visiting 2 Senatorska Street where in the office building Plac Zamkowy - Business with Heritage you will find a brand new restaurant – Warszawski Sznyt.

The Polish word “sznyt” is used to describe the state of being the most appropriate and is also a reference to an elegant appearance. It is associated with good manners, politeness, grace, etiquette, propriety, experience as well as courtesy, kindness, fineness and good taste. Warszawski Sznyt combines all these features with Warsaw chic and style of contemporary citizens of the capital.

Its style, despite being unobtrusive, is surely unique and distinct. The restaurant is located in a modern building erected in 2015. However, inside, on the first floor you experience the atmosphere of interwar Warsaw.

Here, tradition combines with modernity when it comes to design and cuisine. While waiting for your meal, you can enjoy the essence of the atmosphere of the capital by looking through the window at the Castle Square. This unique sight is accompanied in the evening by live music played on a piano and many other instruments. As a result, our senses will be braced for the meal, sharpened and ready to enjoy its taste.

There are two levels and two open kitchens to choose from. If you expect a rather casual character and want to grab a quick breakfast (served until 8:00 o’clock), you should pick the ground floor. It is dominated by meat dishes prepared on an oak-fired grill. The offer includes a wide range of steaks (including Hereford breed beef), fish and seafood. The menu reflects the name of the restaurant and constitutes an interpretation of Warsaw lifestyle and food. Modern citizens of Warsaw appreciate seasonal cuisine, high quality meat and world cuisine. That is why it offers excellent t-bone steaks, grilled lobsters and oysters served with a glass of wine. Enthusiasts of exquisite meat will surely be interested in closets with seasoned beef, which are an unusual element of interior decoration.

The first floor is the better choice when it comes to a more elegant dinner. This section is open in lunch hours. Earlier, close meetings are held there. This floor serves fine-dining dishes to individual guests and tourists. Polish cuisine in a new version will please the palates and draw the attention of the biggest gourmands. Each dish stimulates the imagination and then, as expected, indulges your senses. Going through the menu itself is a very pleasant activity. “Deer tartare with caramelized sunflower seeds, mustard greens and juniper mayonnaise”, “Smoked duck breast with marinated mushrooms, smoked plum chip and savoury pear preserve”, “Sour rye soup with egg and smoked boar sausage”, “Baked beet cream with cottage cream and fried nuts”. Each dish is a separate, well-though story.

They are prepared by chefs who are extremely passionate about what they do. Rafał Zaręba, who worked at Atelier Amaro, completed a prestigious training in French cuisine, and was a chef at Cafe Bar Lemon, is accompanied by his sous chef Michał Węcławek, who was trained by Martin Gimanez Castro while working at Salto, participated in numerous culinary competitions, including the prestigious Bocuse D’or are two experienced chefs with lots of culinary ideas.

Dishes served by the chefs can be supplemented by well-selected wines. The menu includes a wide range of white as well as red wines and high quality champagnes. It also contains a unique surprise – the “under the counter” offer, featuring: knuckle of pork in beer or breaded loin of pork.

Warszawski Sznyt is a restaurant really worth visiting. On one hand it is a friendly and casual place, on the other hand it is full of discrete elegance and sophisticated flavour combinations.

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