Bierhalle restaurants in Poland

BIERHALLE restaurants in Poland

Bierhalle is a chain that combines restaurants with breweries. It was founded in Poland in 2005. The venues are designed to look like a German beerhouse. They are located in shopping centres as well as main streets and squares in large Polish cities. In Bierhalle, beer is characterised by a unique flavour and brewed in private breweries. It contains neither stabilisers nor preservatives. Beer served at Bierhalle goes perfectly with the delicious local food. To top it all, you can count on a unique and atmospheric design and excellent staff. The menu features tasty dishes and unique home-made beer.

When it comes to beer, you can choose from over 10 different types with various flavours and aromas, including black beer, lager, wheat beer, low and high fermentation beer. The restaurant’s trademark dish is pork knuckle prepared in an oven, whose taste goes perfectly with beer. Other recommendations are: potato cake with beer goulash or BBQ ribs.

The menu also includes pork chops, schnitzels, steaks and dumplings, i.e. food that fantastically goes with beer. The chain has 7 breweries in Poland, which provide the restaurants with unfiltered and unpasteurised beer. The breweries are equipped with unique installations. Beer boilers and filtering vats are made of borosilicate glass, which allows the brewers to watch the brewing process from the outside.Bierhalle beer is based on original German recipes from 1516. These recipes include only 4 ingredients: water, yeast, malt and hops. The most popular types of beer are: Bierhalle Altbier, Bierhalle Marcowe, Pils, Dunkel and Weizen.

Bierhalle is worth recommending to connoisseurs of original flavours and interesting places. Some of the restaurants can be found here: Warsaw – Arkadia Shopping Centre, 82 J. Pawła II St., 64 Nowy Świat St., Koszyki Hall; Poznań – Posnania Shopping Centre; Kraków – 7 Mały Rynek St.

The full list of restaurants is available on Bierhalle website.

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