Recommended theatres in Warsaw

Theatrical performances influence people’s imagination the most among all cultural forms of entertainment. Unique atmosphere of a show is being created right after the curtain has been raised. An audience sense that they participate in an event, they are not just passive onlookers. The closeness between them and actors enables them to see actors’ emotions and passion put in their play. It impossible to sense it when sitting in front of the ‘big’ screen. We present you a short review of theatres in Warsaw which are surely worth visiting.

Och-Teatr and Teatr Polonia

It was established thanks to Krystyna Janda [Polish film and theatre actress] initiative. We have had an unceasing chance to watch here top-quality plays for more than 8 years. The theatre as well as the Foundation for Culture were established to support and popularise it. The biggest titles right now are: Konstelacje [Constelation], Danuta W., Pocztówki z Europy [Postcards from Europe], Mayday.

Where: Och-Teatr: 65 Grójecka street

Teatr Polonia: 56 Marszałkowska street

Contact: Och-Teatr: Tel. 22  589 52 00


Teatr Polonia: Tel. 22  622 21 32 


Tickets: 40-150 zlotys 

How to reach from the city centre: Och-Teatr: Tram: 7, 9 (destination: Och-Teatr) 

Teatr Polonia: Tram: 4, 15, 35 (destination: Plac Konstytucji)

Teatr Kwadrat

It was established in 1975, since then the character of the theatre has started to shape. The theatre is mainly based on comedy scene and contemporary farce. If you want to see lampooned reality, you have to see at least one play. Some of the plays are: Ślub doskonały [Perfect wedding], featuring Paweł Małaszyński in the leading role; Przyjazne Dusze [Friendly souls]; Berek ‒ czyli upiór w moherze [Tag ‒ ghoul in mohair] and very popular Szalone nożyczki [Crazy scissors].

Where: 138 Marszałkowska

Contact: Tel. 22  826 23 89


Tickets: 30-95 zlotys

How to reach from the city centre: the underground (destination: Świętokrzyska)

Musial theatres ‒ Buffo and Roma

Janusz Józefowicz nad Janusz Stokłosa, two outstanding personalities, invite to the first one. They guarantee a magical journey to a land of imagination where artists surprise with their youthful vigour and momentum. Choreography is here of the highest level. The biggest hits are: Romeo and Juliet, Metro, Polita, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Singers and dancers can also be seen in the Roma theatre, which is located in the city centre. Musical interpretations are completed with wonderful costumes. Singin’ in the Rain is the most popular show, but it is also worth seeing Morphine and Process.

Where: Buffo ‒ 6 Konopnickiej street

Roma ‒ 59 Nowogrodzka street

Contact: Buffo ‒ Tel. 22  625 47 09


Roma ‒ Tel. 22  621 80 37


Tickets: 30-150 zlotys

How to reach from the city centre: Buffo: bus: 171, 127 (destination: Plac Trzech Krzyży) 

Roma: tram: 7, 22 (destination: Dworzec Centralny)

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