Culinary spots in Warsaw

Do you prefer traditional Polish flavour or are you a fan of unusual, modern solutions? You will surely find something suitable because the offer of Warsaw restaurants comes up with the biggest gourmets’ expectations. Still, if you have not found a particular place, make sure to check our suggestions. Here are some of the most popular restaurant paths in the capital.

Nowy Świat is rich in various types of restaurants and cafes. It is worth walking down this street and choosing something suitable according to your own preferences. At number 64, there is La Cantina restaurant. It is a very cosy place where you can try some Mediterranean cuisine. Frida offers Mexican delicacies and has been situated at number 34 for years. It is extremely popular with fans of this cuisine. When it comes to Indian flavours, they are served in Buddha restaurant (23 Nowy Świat). If you feel like having a traditional dish, you simply have to visit Dawne Smaki restaurant (49 Nowy Świat). Its stylish interior decoration will make your visit here even more enjoyable. For dessert, we suggest A. Blikle cafe (35 Nowy Świat). Its confectionery has no match.

Short, historical Foksal street is another culinary spot in Warsaw. At its very end, there is the beautiful Zamoyski palace where splendid Endorfina Foksal restaurant can be found (2 Foskal). Demanding guests will surely be pleased with choosing this place. It is also a great spot for organising large special events. Not far away, at number 3/5, there is another restaurant – Villa Foksal. It charms with a fantastic orangery and offers a universal menu – there is a little something for everyone. Papaya (16 Foksal) is a master of Asian cuisine. It is impossible not to notice how modern and sophisticated its interior is. In Foksal street, Kamanda Lwowska (10 Foskal), a place which evokes associations with Lvov, and a typical Polish restaurant – Restauracja Kameralna (11 Foskal) are noteworthy.

Chmielna street is an extension of Foskal street and is also full of interesting gastronomic spots: Italian Mela Verde (8 Chmielna), Bordo (34 Chmielna) and Mąka i Woda(13 Chmielna), where pizza is prepared in a genuine Italian oven, C.K. Oberża  (28 Chmielna), which is a tribute to Galicia from times of Emperor Franz Joseph I, and Przystanek Chmielna (24 Chmielna) with dishes of European cuisine. These are just some of the restaurants located in this street.

The Old Town offers the biggest choice of restaurants in the city. There is no way to describe them all. However, some of them are really worth paying attention to. Bazyliszek  (1/3 Rynek Starego Miasta) refers with its name to a legend about a scary reptile with a lethal glare. But you do not have to worry about it in the restaurant, it is all about fantastic culinary sensations. Great location, right next to the Old Town square, low prices, exquisite Polish cuisine make it hard to sometimes find a free table. U Barssa restaurant (14 Rynek Starego Miasta) is one of the oldest and most prestigious places in the city. It was founded in 1853 and has been surprising with unique flavours of Polish cuisine up to this day.

Magda Gessler cuisine fans should visit one of her three restaurants in the Old Town: U Fukiera(27 Rynek Starego Miasta),  Polka (Świętojańska), and Italian Bellini (21 Rynek Starego Miasta). They all impress with interior decor and offer wonderful, unforgettable flavours.

Those who are looking for something modern and unusual will be pleased with visiting Bistro Warszawa  (1/3 Rynek Starego Miasta) – a bright and elegant interior decor of the place perfectly goes with modern European cuisine.

We also recommend  Zapiecek  (13 Świętojańska) which offers the best choice of pierogi in various versions.

If you still have not found anything interesting, go to Żurawia street, it is full of modern spots. At its very beginning, you will come across Żurawina (32/32 Żurawia), a fashionable place that offers amazing flavours of international cuisine. An amazing setting of this place and swings hanging from the ceiling make it unique. Silk & Spicy  (16/20 Żurawia) is a perfect choice for those who prefer sushi and Thai cuisine. Delicacies typical of Japan can be found in Sushi Zushi  (6/12 Żurawia), whereas flavours of the capital are available in Smaki Warszawy restaurant (47/49 Żurawia). Love for Italian cuisine inspired another restaurant – Trattoria da Antonio (18 Żurawia), which constantly relies on ideas from sunny Sicily.

In search of a restaurant, it is worth going to Poznańska street and visiting, for example, a fashionable interior of Signature restaurant (15 Poznańska), Wilcza street and Nolita (46 Wilcza) and Hoża street where atmospheric Hoża by Mondovino (25A Hoża) serving steaks and sea food accompanied by latin jazz can be found.

Many atmospheric restaurants with amazing cuisine are located in Aleje Ujazdowskie. We recommend Pod Gigantami (24 Aleje Ujazdowskie), Amber Room in the Sobański Palace (13 Aleje Ujazdowskie).




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