Weather – when it is the best time to come to Poland?

You can come to Poland anytime, regardless of the season. All you have to remember is to choose properly your destination to make the best of your time and to see as much as you can. Polish climate is temperate which guarantees four seasons, so four different sets of reasons why this country is worth visiting.


Astronomical spring begins on the 21st March and lasts three months. Everything wakes up to life during this time. Intensive field works begin, people are more optimistic and pleased. Snow melts, first buds appear on trees, days are longer and sunnier, but you must be ready for changeable weather, proved by an old Polish proverb which in English goes something like that: April weather, rain and sunshine both together. Sometimes it is cold, sometimes it is hot. You can go to the Biebrza river to admire fields of kingcups on flood waters or to the Kampinos Forest for a bike trip.


In summer, temperatures usually run from 18o-30o C, depending on the region. July and August are the hottest months, still some occasional showers and summer storms are common in the first one. It is a perfect time to go to the seaside or Masuria because they flourish and guarantee lots of attractions then. There are also many possibilities for fans of the mountains. From the low, but charming, Bieszczady Mountains to the high Tatra Mountains (with the highest peak in Poland ‒ Rysy 2499 m.a.s.l.)


It is an unpredictable time but there is nothing more beautiful than “the Polish golden autumn”. The sight of leaves in many different shades of brown, yellow and red falling from trees and last rays of sunshine breaking through branches is truly beautiful. Temperatures fluctuate around 10o C in the early stages, it may rain from time to time. Still, it is a perfect time for bike trips and the number of dedicated routes is enormous. They are literally everywhere, from the seaside to the Tatra mountains. Do not forget about gloves, scarves and hats before hitting the road. The most popular routes are located in the Beskids, Great Poland (the thousand lakes route), the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland (the eagle nests route) as well as by the Baltic (International seaside route R-10) and Masuria.


It is time when you should go to the mountains ‒ the Tatra mountaints, the Podhale, the Sudetes and many more... The most popular places are: Krynica Górska, Białka Tatrzańska and Szczyrk. You can come across snow literally all winter long, skiing conditions are really good. It can get chilly (-25oC) from time to time. In such situation, numerous hotels and restaurants provide lots of attractions ‒ you can try some delicious mulled wine and the regional delicacy protected by the union law ‒ oscypek.

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