True French feast – the best brasseries in Warsaw

French cuisine is one of the most popular European culinary trends. It has not only influenced culinary traditions of other European countries for centuries but also more and more often been an object of interest for many Polish chefs and restaurateurs. French cuisine is not limited only to frog legs, snails, cheese, and wine. For years, the culinary tradition of France has been divided into haute cuisine – exquisite and expensive dishes – and nouvelle cuisine, light and healthy cuisine based on simple recipes. Warsaw, just like other European cities, does not lack restaurants which specialise in traditional dishes of French cuisine. We present you the most recommendable ones below.

Brasserie Warszawska

The history of this place dates back to the 1970’s, when builders of the Palace of Culture and Science used to dine here. A vintage menu plate from 1979 has been kept to this day. Based on the tradition of good French cuisine, a unique place which combines elegance, simplicity, and high class was established here. Located at Górnośląska Street, close to the Seym, it is a perfect place for a business lunch or an elegant dinner. The menu is changed here every day and contains the most important dishes of exquisite French cuisine, based on fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

L'Arc Varsovie

If you feel like eating the best seafood, you have to visit L'Arc Varsovie. This elegant and cosy restaurant specialises in seafood dishes of the highest quality, such as mussels with galangal, baked oysters with spinach, lobster with caviar, and shrimps. Although seafood is the biggest part of the menu, it also contains other traditional French dishes, including onion soup, foie gras, scallops, and sous vide duck breast.

La Fromagerie

La Fromagerie, situated at Burakowska Street, is a paradise for cheese enthusiasts. The offer of this restaurant includes probably all types of cheese from all over the world, primarily from France, which is famous for cheese after all. A board of cheese, glass of French wine, freshly baked baguette, as well as aromatic cold meats, sauces, and preserves – everything what you need to obtain a unique combination of French flavours. From among carefully selected cheeses, only those which are made by local producers and based on traditional recipes are served in La Fromagerie. That is why, you can discover the true, original flavour of cheeses from different regions of France.

La Rotisserie

The menu of this elegant restaurant located in the Old Town varies depending on the season to use only seasonal ingredients. Chef Paweł Oszczyk, the winner of “Prix du Chef de l'avenir - Kucharz Przyszłości” prize, keeps an eye on it and prepares true culinary masterpieces. Choosing the best wines is the responsibility of Andrzej Strzelczyk, the 2012 and 2013 Master Sommelier. With such a selection of personnel, you do not have to worry about the quality of dishes, including both traditional French ones and innovative combinations.


Nouvelle cuisine enthusiasts gather in Charlotte, a quite small bistro near Zbawiciela Square. You will not find here heavy main courses, roast meat or expensive seafood dishes. Here, the menu is dominated by delicious locally baked bread based on home-made leaven. You can have here delicious light breakfast or lunch consisting of fresh rolls and baguettes, home-made preserves, sweet creams, coffee or a glass of wine. Both cold and hot sandwiches are served here. The unique of atmosphere of this bistro is guaranteed by a large table in the middle, which favours making acquaintance or just makes a meal on your own more enjoyable.

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