The most interesting bookstore cafes in Warsaw

Autumn is a perfect time to sit comfortably in an armchair with a cup of coffee and a good book. Are you thinking about your cosy apartment? We recommend you to hit the town and visit one of bookstore cafes in Warsaw. You can grab there something delicious to eat, read or buy an interesting book and, of course, admire the colourful Autumn capital.

Tarabuk is a well-known bookstore cafe in Warsaw at 6 Browarna Street. Delicious lunches and breakfasts are not the only reason to visit this spot. You can choose from many interesting books, what is more, meetings with writers as well as debates and discussion meetings are often held here. The local bookstore includes many interesting items. It is said that Tarabuk is full of the most interesting titles, but there are also some books written by less famous authors that impress readers as well. That is not all, for example 'Sinbad', milk coffee with cardamom and honey, and your afternoon is sure to be a nice one. Good news for families – the spot welcomes children and takes care also of their time.

Czuły Barbarzyńca (31 Dobra) is a cult bookstore cafe. All bookworms will surely like its huge choice. It is a place where generations interchange: Barbarzyńca is loved both by young and elderly ones. The atmosphere is unique. Big windows are a big advantage, you can look at climatic Powiśle through them. If you appreciate comfort, you will happily occupy sofas located in the middle of the place. It is said that the best chocolate in the city is served here. One thing is certain – Czuły Barbarzyńca always offers top level literature.

Psychological literature lovers should definitely visit PSYCHE BOOKS&BAFE (19/31 Chodakowska). The bookstore has a scientific character and is characterised by a completely different atmosphere when compared with other places of this type but it certainly does not lack delicious coffee or tea and, of course, books.

At the back of Nowy Świat (Gałczyńskiego 7), surrounded by cosy tenement houses, you will find another bookstore cafe, this one specialises in non-fiction literature. It is called Wrzenie Świata, a quiet place full of fans of documentary culture literature, but not only. Since the opening in 2010, many meetings, shows, debates and premieres have taken place here. Wrzenie offers also a cafe, what is more, on weekends breakfast buffers are served, you pay once and eat as much as you want (Saturday and Sunday; 10.00 a.m. – 01.00 p.m.). In summer season, deckchairs are at guests’ disposal, they are put right under green trees which serves as giant umbrellas, whereas when the temperature gets colder you can use warm blankets as well as cushions and sit on one of large window sills. To keep up to date, make sure follow its website and WWW.instytutR.pl

One of the most interesting bookstore cafes in terms of interior design is Bily Konicek  (1 Kredytowa). The cafe is located inside the building of the National Museum of Ethnography. Bright interior design, wood in modern version, delicious coffee brewed according, among others, to Brazilian or Japanese methods, ethnic music in the background and a book (you can choose from cultural studies, philosophy, fiction and arts) – a dream afternoon for many of us.

Those who end up in Plac Konstytucji should definitely visit MiTo art.café.books (Ludwika Waryńskiego 28). MiTo is an artistic and humane bookstore, an art gallery, and an unusual cafe – all these elements create a modern spot which is socially involved. It is a unique place which always teems with life.

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