Street Food in Warsaw

They appeared all of a sudden and won Varsovians’ hearts. Stationary and mobile, with vegetarian menu or without it, colourful and with good prices. Street Foods, because we are talking about them, took over the capital. Chips, burgers, pancakes or maybe salads? The choice of offers is really big. You will find out where and what you can eat right here.

First of all, a short review of burger bars ‒ this is the most popular form of street food which is present in Warsaw. Warburger, located in Dąbrowskiego street (corner of Puławska), has an unusual meat offer. If you cannot stand beef anymore, you will get here a burger with venison. One portion costs 19-31 zlotys.

The American delicacies are also served in Bobby Burger, which is situated in Mokotów. Since the business is run in a trailer, you can come across it in Marszałkowska or Świętokrzyska streets from time to time. The prices are really good ‒ you will eat a classic hamburger for only 15 zlotys.

Slightly more expensive place is located in 14/16 Dobra street. You will find there Dartburger. Apart from burgers, it serves quesadillas, steaks and burritos.

Hamburgers have a competitor ‒ zapiekanka [halved bread topped with  mushrooms  and  cheese, also ham  or other types of meat, and vegetables]. This delicacy from times of the Polish People’s Republic makes a hit. The most popular place which serves zapiekanka is Zapiexy Luxusowe. You will find it in the very centre of the city ‒ in 19 Widok street. Prices are really attractive and portions are huge.

You should also look for a truck ‒ Zapiekanka Snack Bus. For 11 zlotys you can satisfy your appetite, even if it can be described as “XXL appetite”. Like they say, every kind under the sun ‒ you will find here 11 different offers. For smaller appetite, you can order a half of a portion. For those who like experiments, zapiekanka with pineapple and nutella awaits.

Another place worth recommending is Okienko, where chips from Belgium are served. You can taste sauces which are made here (1 zloty).

Tornado Cafe is a mobile café. Prices are really reasonable ‒ 4 for an espresso and 8 zlotys for a mocha. You can also make things even sweeter by ordering a piece of home-made apple pie or leavened dough (4 zlotys).

Sweet-salty combinations on wheels can be also found in Mokotów and its vicinities. Riki Tiki Naleśniki is known for big fluffy pancakes full of stuffing. For people with a sweet tooth ‒ sweet pancakes (with preserves or chocolate cream), for those who prefer salty flavours ‒ with cheese, ham and vegetables. Prices: 5-7 zlotys.

All these street foods can be easily found on Facebook. Visit their fanpages to search for the latest news and special offers.

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