Popular speakeasy bars in Warsaw

In New York, London, Berlin and many other western cities, there is a lot of them – exclusive bars which can be entered only by insiders are a topic of numerous gossips and legends spread across the city. At the same time, only few people know their exact location and how to access them, which makes them even more interesting. Fashion for speakeasy bars, luxurious places hidden from pedestrians, has also reached Warsaw!

The origins of speakeasy bars date back to 1920’s and the 14 years of the prohibition in the USA. Back then, alcohol could be bought and drunk in illegal, unofficial bars about which customers heard through the grapevine. Apart from rich citizens, hardly anybody could access them, which was decisive for the exclusive atmosphere of those clubs. The times of the prohibition were also the beginning of the art of bartending – in order to hide the taste of alcohol, employees of secret bars started preparing sophisticated drinks and cocktails.

Although hardly anybody remembers the prohibition and high quality spirits can be bought almost everywhere, the tradition of speakeasy bars has survived – mainly thanks to a mysterious atmosphere and an exclusive character which attract all those people who enjoy partying with style, value good company, the best, unusual cocktails as well as discretion provided by such places. There is a couple of speakeasy bars in Warsaw and despite the fact that they are not advertised, there is a lot of people interested in partying with insiders.

6 cocktails

Located in a historical tenement house in the centre of Warsaw, it is a cocktail bar distinguished by an unpretentious atmosphere only for insiders. Highly skilled and charismatic bartenders not only prepare unique and amazing cocktails but also are able to tell you some interesting facts about them. The best DJs and selected company guarantee that, despite an exclusive atmosphere, hot parties in 6 cocktails last until dawn. If you like the thrill of emotion and want to party with style – call 606 696 915 to find out how to enter this place.


If you are looking for an elegant place with unique quality and amazing cocktails, check out Weles at 11 Nowogrodzka Street. Its luxurious interior impresses with well-matched antiques, leather armchairs, beautiful glass and sculpted bar made of wood and stone. Weles is a very discrete spot which is perfect for a business meeting as well as an elegant date.

Drink Bar behind a video rental

Riddles enthusiasts will surely be interested in an unusual drink bar about which the only thing that is known is that it is located … in a video rental. If you give an employee the secret signal, he will open you a secret door which lead to a secret atmospheric club. Its interior is modern and cosy, not too pompous, whereas the company is diverse. Well-selected music is also a vital factor. Unlike many popular clubs, you will not have to wait long for your drink or beer there – the bartenders apply the “free pouring” method, which is much faster.


Gabinet is a cosy club in the basement of a coffee club bar. A strict selection guarantees that relatively few people can party there, but they create a unique atmosphere. The interior design is related to 1920’s and perfectly matches the atmosphere of a speakeasy bar from the times of the prohibition. The place particularly focuses on quality and how alcohol is served, which guarantees one of the most prestigious menus of this type in the capital.

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