Places which you have to see according to foreigners

Warsaw has surely a lot to offer but which spots impressed foreign tourists the most? First ideas are the Old Town, the Royal Łazienki and the Palace of Culture and Science. Actually, it turns out that not only these places are easy to remember for them.

The Old Town is obviously a must see place when sightseeing in Warsaw. It is a charming historical area where a walk down narrow streets will take you to a brand new world. Historical architecture, the Castle Square, the Main Square, the Royal Castle, cafés, shops and restaurants are teeming with life. Everything is located on the Warsaw Scarp, from where a beautiful view of the Vistula spreads. The Old Town was completely destroyed in 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising, but hardworking residents of Warsaw and architects managed to rebuilt it. Today, the Old Town is on UNESCO World Heritage List as an example of great and unique reconstruction work.

Another treasure of Warsaw is the Royal Łazienki ‒ a beautiful palace and park area in the very centre of the capital. It is not a surprise that many residents often go there for a walk. Apart from magnificent gardens, the place impresses with architectural works, especially with the Old Orangery, the palace on the Isle and the amphitheatre, where many concerts take place. Green alleys, paths, winding stairs, hills, streams and ponds present different, but always impressive, characters every season. During a walk, you can come across numerous sculptures, statues and befriend red squirrels, which are used to human company and boldly come for a snack.

The Powązkowski Cemetery, which was founded at the end of the 18th century, is another must-see place. Many honourable Polish artists, writers, scholars, soldiers are buried there. Enormous area of the cemetery and beautiful architecture of gravestones cause nostalgia. Old trees and ancient monuments tell us the story of passing time.

The Warsaw Rising Museum also gained tourists’ credit. It tells us about fights from 1st August to 3rd October 1944 in a unique way. The topic of the Warsaw Uprising has still been deeply-set in locals’ consciousness. The museum created a modern, interactive area. You can watch here a 3D movie about the destruction of the city after the uprising in a plane replica, walk through a reconstruction of insurgents’ sewers or listen to the sounds of insurgents’ beating heart, you will remember them for a long time.

When visiting Warsaw, you cannot miss a socialist realism collosus ‒ the Palace of Culture and Science (1 Plac Defilad). Despite many controversies (it was dedicated to Stalin as a sign of Polish-Soviet friendship), it has been a signature spot of the capital. It also the highest building in entire Poland. You can admire the panorama of Warsaw from the view terrace, which is located on the top of the building. The palace contains many cultural institutions such as the Congress Hall, the Dramatic Theatre, Teatr 6. piętro, cafés, a cinema and a book shop.

The University of Warsaw is located in one of the most popular streets with tourists ‒ 26/28 Krakowskie Przedmieście. Its edifice is easy to spot because it is teeming with student’s life. The university is one of the best and most prestigious higher education institutions in Poland. Its history dates back to 1816. A splendid historical gate invites to the main campus. After you enter it, you can admire many classical buidlings, for example: Kazimierz Palace, Uruski Palace, Tyszkiewicz Palace and Auditorium Maximum.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier also attracts many tourists visiting the capital. The monument is located on the edge of Piłsudski Square, right next to the Saxon Garden. Emptiness and silence, present on the entire square, are interrupted from time to time by change of the watch – very eagerly watched by tourists. It is a place full of symbolism and solemnity, in remembrance of those who died fighting for independent Poland.

Lastly, a few words about youth’s preferences who value café life of the city. It is not a surprise that the Savior Square quickly became popular with them. The place is teeming with alternative night life of Warsaw. Hanging out in coffee bar clubs located around the square is in season and attracts more and more people.

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