Multi-taps – the Warsaw beer route

Recently, typical beer pubs and bars that offer its customers a wide range of this beverage, both from popular breweries and those small, local ones have been becoming more fashionable. Of course, there are also appropriate snacks and characteristic noisy atmosphere that makes everything taste even better. In search for the best cold beer we invite you to several spots in Warsaw.

Kufle Kapsle is a stylish pub right in the very centre of the city (25 Nowogrodzka). A quite dark brick interior along with atmospheric lighting create a great setting for a place of such type. You can try there some beer from two pumps and eight taps, there is also a wide selection of bottled beer and if you have a hard time making up your mind, we recommend a beer board with four different types of draught beer of your choice. Customers can also enjoy some fried seeds whose taste perfectly matches beer. Every now and then, various beer premieres take places with truly artistic setting in which brewers participate. We recommend it to every beer enthusiast! https://www.facebook.com/kufleikapsle

Quite near, in 32/34 Żurawia, Piw Paw – the first hypertap in the capital with fifty-seven taps – is located! It is also a shop – you can choose from two hundred bottled beer types. You can also take draught beer home in PET or glass bottles (available for a small charge). Beer tasting is also an interesting option, you can try as much as you want because one portion (a small glass) costs only PLN 1. The offer also includes cider.

In 19 Freta, you will find a funny sign with a red elephant and Delirium Tremens. The place in the Old Town specialises in special Belgian beers served in original glass. They are often quite strong – even 10%. The choice is huge – two hundred types of beer (including eighteen from taps). Prices are not the lowest but the owners claim that it is reflected in the quality of the served beer. Delirium Tremens offers also Belgian cuisine. You can go there for some delicious dinner or simply grab a perfect snack and your favourite beer.

Jedna Trzecia craft beer bar (50/52 Wilcza) is a new spot on the beer route. You will also find there a wide range of bottled beer and eight taps. The spot focuses on craft breweries from Poland and the whole world. You can choose from: Witbier, Lambic, Blond Ale, Tripel, Quadrupel. There is no point looking for concern beers there. It also worth visiting its sister: Dwie Trzecie is located right next to it and serves Mediterranean cuisine.

In Nowy Świat, one of the most popular arteries of the capital, another multi-tap is situated. It is Cuda Na Kiju, of course. You can try there about sixteen types of keg beer. How about some Rowing Jack or Raciborskie Pils?

Visiting Małe Piwo (4 Oleandrów) is also a good idea. It is a small place specialising in beer from small local breweries. Attention! Sometimes beer contests are organised there. Whereas in Praga, make sure to check Po Drugiej Stronie Lustra (22 Jagielońska) where choosing the best beers for its customers is really important. Prices start from PLN 5.

Beer lovers will be delighted!

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