Magda Gessler cuisine

Magda Gessler is a famous Polish restaurateur and a joint-owner of several popular restaurants. “Kuchenne rewolucje”, a TV programme, significantly contributed to Ms. Gessler popularity growth and recognition. Where lies the secrets of restaurants teeming with life? Of course in served dishes, polite staff and proper interior design. Let’s take a look at her restaurants and find out what their charm consist in.

Dom Restauracyjny Krokodyl

It is in the very heart of the Old Town. You can eat here a satisfying dinner, drop by for some coffee and even organise a wedding! You have to pay about 60 zlotys for a main course. Particularly recommended are: herring with pumpernickel and duck with rosemary. But remember that bills include service fee (10%). Find out more about the restaurant and its menu here: www.krokodyl.com

Restauracja Bellini

You will not get a pizza here with just a regular tomato sauce, you will be served one with cut funghi porcini instead. The smell of fresh herbs encourages guests to munch bruschetta miste. The offer also includes a special, mushroom menu. An average pizza costs 30 zlotys, while a main course is usually 70 zlotys. More infromation: http://restauracjabellini.pl

Restauracja AleGloria

Ms. Gessler runs a restaurant full of strawberries and white geese in plac Trzech Krzyży. The unusual combination of interior design elements is just a preview of what you will get on a plate. Here, traditional recipes of Polish court cuisine cooperate with modern additions. Going for stewed veal with Parmesan ham and sage, served with blanched snap peas and tomatoes (72 zlotys) is an excellent choice. Last year, AleGloria was included in the Michelin Main Cities of Europe 2013 guide and received 3 cutlery symbols which stand for unique interior, atmosphere and service. Information on the website: http://alegloria.pl

Restauracja U Fukiera 

It is advertised to be the oldest restaurant in the city with traditions going back to the 16th century. Personalities such as George Bush, Roman Polański and Sharon Stone dined here. The restaurant is open every day from noon until the last guest leaves. Apart from picturesque interior, you are welcomed right after you enter the place with encouraging smell from the kitchen and delicious dishes, whose taste cannot be described in words, you simply have to try them. Tartar, herring, broth, żurek and tripe are worth ordering. The whole menu is available here: http://www.ufukiera.pl

Słodki Słony

A confectionary and a restaurant in one ‒ a perfect combination. After some sweet stuff, whose choice will make you dizzy, the world seems to be more beautiful. Nut, strawberry and cinnamon cakes, mazurek (traditional Polish Easter cake), tarts and Swiss rolls ‒ these are just some of the items included in “słodkie menu” [sweet menu]. So what about salty food? Tartar, herring or cakes with horseradish mousse as well as sandwiches, omelettes, soups and salads. More information: http://www.slodkislony.pl

To sum up, in Magda Gessler restaurants you will always eat tasty Polish food. Still, their prices are not the lowest ones on the restaurant map of Warsaw and remember that service fee is included in bills, but all dishes are good value for money. Honestly, we recommend them all!

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