Leisure at the Polish seaside

Beaches spread almost all along the entire sea border of Poland, i.e. 440 km. They are the main destination when Poles plan their holiday. Seaside towns come up with more and more new attractions to attract tourists. You will find a short review of the most popular ones below. What is the key of their success? Find out yourself.


You can find tourists at the seaside all year long, still summer, especially July and August, is the time of the so-called summer season. Łeba is a seaside resort which is teeming with life around the clock. Parties are organised here all the time, there is no time for rest when dancing because another summer hit is on. Party atmosphere is intensified by the sea, which is really close, and humming waves. You can rest at beach (10 kilometres long!) any time you want. Persistent prospectors can find amber here, also those who need peace and quiet will be satisfied because Słowiński National Park is located nearby. You can see there migration dunes, a rare sight in Europe. Tourists with children can go to a dinosaur park to admire more than hundred realistic statues.


It is a heaven for surfers, fans of kitesurfing and similar sports. You will find great conditions to do them here, and surfers always equal great fun. You should look around for posters inviting for crazy and hot parties. Sometimes, you may be surprised when leaving a club by seeing a friendly seal on the shore. To catch your breath, you should go to the city centre where many fishing houses from the end of the 18th and the first half of the 19th century remain.


Safe beaches and clear sea ‒ a true paradise for holidaymakers. The spit where Mielno is located is over 10 kilometres long which guarantees that you will find a perfect spot here. Apart from lying on the beach, you can go on a walking or bicycle trip. There are numerous tourist routes awaiting for the active ones.

It is just the beginning of the list of the best seaside resorts in Poland? Which one should you pick? Lots of useful information can be found on the following websites:  nadmorze.ple-nadmorzem.net.pl  and  wakacje.nad.morzem.net

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