Following Warsaw snack bars

Snack bars has been really popular in Warsaw (and other big cities) for a couple of years now. The idea is simple: atmosphere like from Polish People’s Republic times, snacks typical of this period washed down with traditional alcohol and low prices! These bars are a great alternative for pubs. They are usually opened around the clock. Most people come there in the evening, both older and younger ones. You can try in them typical Polish snacks: you can choose from tartar, pyzy [potato dumplings], herrings, pâté or tripe. Majority are cold snacks ‘to accompany’ vodka. A snack bar is really a great place for a meeting with friends. Residents of Warsaw love their atmosphere.

Following snack bars should start from Bar Warszawa de Luxe in 79 Krakowskie Przedmieście. The bar is opened around the clock. Live music is played here on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. What is more, DJs take over the floor after midnight. All meals cost 11 zlotys, a glass of vodka or wine is 5 zlotys. The staff recommend pyzy “z Różyca” or eggs with mayonnaise. It also has a twin, Bar Warszawa is located in 2 Miodowa street, but it is opened no sooner than from 2:00 p.m.

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa is located in 19A Nowy Świat street. The walls of the bar are full of newspapers with propaganda slogans from Polish People’s Republic times. The place has many customers and it is hard to find a place at the bar table. All drinks (both alcoholic and soft ones) cost 4 zlotys or € 1.

Przekąski Zakąski is the first place of this kind in Warsaw. It can be said, that it all started from it. Originally, it was located in Krakowskie Przedmieście, where it gained cult status on the map of the capital. Now, it is in 44 Aleje Jerozolimskie street and still proudly operates and offers drinks and alcohol for 4 zlotys. Dishes cost 8 zloty. Particularly interesting snacks are the so-called nóżki [meat in jelly] and awanturka [spread for bread made of eggs and fish or cheese and vegetables].

Meta na Foksal (21 Foksal street) offers the atmosphere of old times: tartar, bigos [meat and cabbage stew], sausages and alcoholic beverages for 5 zlotys each. Vinyl discs and old newspapers hang on the walls, atmospheric music plays in the background. There is one more Meta bar, it is located in 11 Mazowiecka street.

From there, you are just few steps away from 13 Chmielna street, where Między Wódką, a Zakąską, a place kept in the same style as the previous bars, is located.

In Plac Zbawiciela, a mecca for hipsters, Warszawska can be found. This place often organises spontaneous concerts and other events. Prices do not go over 20 zlotys. An outdoor garden is at guests’ disposal. There is no lack of vodka, snacks and hipsters in here.

Quite more sophisticated menu can be found in Słony (11 Piękna street). Prices are also slightly higher, but the idea of a snack bar remains.

Snack bars are a good idea for beginning a journey around clubs and pubs in Warsaw. Even if you are not a big fan of this type of dining, you should at least come to one of these unusual places and try some tartar or a glass of orangeade.

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