Beauty requires suffering? Aesthetic medicine in Polish cities

We describe the best Polish aesthetic medicine clinics. We look into Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, among others. Where can you expect such services of the highest level?

For several years, also in Poland, we have been aware that health is not only limited to what is inside. To feel good with their own bodies, Poles, both men and women, go for more or less invasive methods to alter their appearance. Along with the increasing popularity of aesthetic medicine, standards are going up – offices and clinics have to fight for customers, who by the way demand high-quality service. Plastic surgery does not mean keeping beauty and youth anymore, it equals pain and risk related to operations – treatments are completely safe nowadays.

Aesthetic medicine clinics in Warsaw

Warsaw is a city where aesthetic medicine centres and clinics can be found at every corner. However, entering one of them right from the street is not the best idea. It is better to read opinions about it to learn if it provides standards guaranteeing safety, hygiene, and relatively painless treatments. Still, such a comfort is rather expensive. Nevertheless, we discourage you from saving money when it comes to health. Among luxurious aesthetic surgery clinics, Dr. Marek Szczyt’s clinic can be found. Its surface area amounts to 1500m2 divided into three stories. It includes two surgery rooms, a recovery room, post-operation rooms, and technologically advanced equipment, which not only improves comfort provided for the patients, but also makes it possible to carry out the least invasive treatments. The staff consist of a dozen of doctors, including medical ones. The offer of the clinic contains all possible treatments, from plastic surgery (lifting, face implants), through breast surgeries, to aesthetic gynaecology or curing hair loss.

Another reputable aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw is Ambroziak Estederm clinic. Patients can there find achievements from such fields of medicine as aesthetic dermatology, plastic and vascular surgery, aesthetic gynaecology or cosmetology. It is one of the few clinics in Poland offering special treatments for pregnant women and young mothers which help to restore impeccable beauty after pregnancy. Ambroziak Estederm also has an offer for men, related to urology and andrology.

Men will surely be happy to use the offer prepared by dr. Tilszer’s aesthetic medicine clinic. The clinic with over 20 years of experience expands the traditional range of services with treatments for men which solve problems typical of them – going bald, excessive hairiness or sweating. The offer includes also the so-called lunch treatments which last less than 60 minutes. Even the busiest men will find some time for them.

For those looking for natural and holistic approach to health and beauty, we recommend Health and Beauty Institute Sharley. Lots of experience and access to modern as well as high-quality equipment complete the conviction that beauty should be taken care of starting from its base. That is why, instead of bombing your body with risky treatments, Sharley’s specialists will allow you to carry out genetic tests and to determine, basing on their results, a proper diet. Then, they will help you decide what care methods will provide the anticipated effects and keep your beauty for years. If you feel like chilling out, the wellness & SPA offer will surely surprise you in a positive way.

Kraków – high level aesthetic medicine

Other Polish cities are not worse than Warsaw in terms of comfort and quality provided for patients of aesthetic medicine clinics. In Kraków, there is a large number of very good doctors under whose watchful eye high quality aesthetic medicine clinics operate. One of those clinics which is particularly worth the attention on the map of Kraków is Ladies Clinic. A highly qualified group of specialists minimise the risk related to a treatment and provide their patients with comfort. Every single customer discusses her individual therapeutic plan with a doctor in order to reach the desired effects in the least risky way and maintain them for a long time.

Patients looking for a clinic with staff distinguished by a professional approach will surely like the offer of Vesuna, an aesthetic medicine and laser therapy clinic. It is located in two shopping centres in Kraków – Bonarka and Krokus – so it is always along the way. A wide range of services and use of the latest technologies are certainly some argument for picking this place when you feel like taking care of your body.

Aesthetic medicine centre in Poznań

People wanting to take care of health and beauty of their skin should take a look at a natural aesthetic medicine office, Dermasolutions, in Poznań. The staff with 11 years of experience and an individual approach to a patient make it possible to determine a complex non-invasive plan changing the appearance according to the needs of a given person as well as based on safe methods. Numerous certificates confirm the high quality of the provided services. The seat of the clinic impresses with high standard, comfort, discrete and spacious rooms.

How to find a good specialist in aesthetic medicine?

Safe treatments when it comes plastic surgery should be the key aspect. It is not worth saving money on health and impeccable appearance – that is why, once you decide to visit a clinic, look into its offer, search for opinions about it, find out what equipment is used there, and whether the staff have proper experience and certificates confirming their constant professional development. A doctor should inform you about potential undesirable effects of a treatment and what can be done to limit the risk. From the beginning, you should be familiar with how the operation is going to be carried out as well as with the price list.

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