Autumn and winter in southern Poland

The south of Poland is mainly a mountainous area which is perfect for leisure. Autumn and winter are the best seasons to visit the southern part of our country: golden colours of mountainous flora impress visitors, while snowy slopes enable them to enjoy your favourite winter sports.

Zakopane – called the capital of Polish mountains – is located at the foot of the highest mountain range in Poland − the Tatra Mountains. There are wonderfully prepared slopes which attract numbers of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. The whole magic of Zakopane is Krupówki, a long street with lots of different stalls, stands with souvenirs and the most important attractions of the town such the Tatrzańskie museum. The areas around the town also hide many unique monuments, which wonderfully match the exceptional atmosphere of Podhale. The Tatra Mountains belong administratively to Little Poland province, whose capital is Kraków − the most beautiful city in Poland according to many people. Its trademarks and spots that you have to vist are: the Old Town, Wawel and the Cloth Hall. An original, artistic atmosphere of this city attracts many unique people. Kraków and its vicinity are tangible symbols of our history, the first salt mine in Wieliczka or the concentration camp in Oświęcim, among others.

Another interesting place of southern Poland, Sanok, is located at the at the foot of the Bieszczady. The mountains are closely connected to culture of tribes that lived in this area before the First World War. There is a heritage park, which offers attractions for both children and adults, in their memory. Everyone will feel there like they go back in time by a few dozen years. Apart from the park, Sanok has the biggest collection of icons in the country, which can be seen in a museum inside a castle. There is a town of glass near Sanok. In Krosno, you will see a true working glassworks. Podkarpacie province is also full of old castles, mansions, palaces and the biggest attraction of the region ‒ Orthodox churches, the temples of Greek Catholicism and Orthodox Church followers. The biggest number of temples of various religions can be found in Przemyśl, which is said to be the most beautiful town of Podkarpacie.

Southern Poland is also the mining basin of our country. Upper Silesia is coal mines – some of them are still opened and others are closed. What interesting can you see there? If you know corners of Katowice, you will find true architectural gems and exceptionally atmospheric places. The same goes with Opole, the capital of Opolskie province, which has one of the most interesting zoos in Poland.

The south of Poland is also Lower Silesia and its capital ‒ Wrocław. It offers numerous attractions, monuments and interesting cultural events every few steps.

And if you dream of autumn walks in the mountains – it is worth visiting the Bieszczady Mountains which are the most beautiful during that time of year. These are the most natural mountains in Poland and are very charming. Hardly anybody would not fall in love with them at first sight. The Sudetes are the oldest mountains in Poland. They are worth visiting mainly because of their unique appearance which has been formed for centuries. The Kraków-Częstochowa Upland is a perfect place for romantics. Atmospheric limestone and numerous caves attract lovers of beautiful landscapes. Last but not least, the Tatra Mountains, the highest mountains in Poland, which offer wonderful views and interesting walking trails. But remember, many paths are covered with snow already in autumn which additionally increases their difficulty level and requires some prior preparations.

A lot can be written about winter attractions in the Polish mountains because they are full of interesting ski slopes, tourist paths and cultural attractions. Anyone who visits the south of Poland will quickly fall in love with the local areas.

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