Shops with jewellery and amber in Warsaw

Your jeweller’s store tour has to begin with amber excellence definitely. Baltic amber with a scarlet tint is a popular type of it in Poland. Other colours, such as yellow, cream, red, brown, orange, rarely blue, green and purple, can be found in the world. Amber always looks beautiful − accompanied by gold, silver or in a pure form.

In 39 Krakowskie Przedmieście, you can find the Piękne Rzeczy gallery. The owner collected here unique designs of jewellery with amber by the best Polish artists in this field. It is an offer for those who value modern pattern-designing. More classical jewellery can be bought in Galeria Czarniecka (23/25 Świętojańska street). The choice is huge: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, other amber accessories and even sculptures, souvenirs, glass, lamps etc.

Not far away, in 8/14 Długa street, Galeria Bursztynek is located. It can boast of beautiful designs of amber jewellery, which are mostly made here. The building has also a permanent amber exhibition where you can learn something about the history of this stone, its processing and see how it is done.

You should also visit Świat Bursztynu salons which belong to Shubert jewellery company. They are located in the Old Town (Piwna and Świętojańska street).

A wide offer surprises with extraordinary patterns as well as with high and accurate quality. Those who are not particularly fond of amber will surely find something interesting in one of the salons of a Polish company, Apart, which is the leader on the jewellery market. Apart has many facilities in Warsaw, for example in shopping centres such as Złote Tarasy or Arkadia. A big salon is located also in 29 Aleje Jerozolimskie street. Apart jewellery designs always match the latest fashion trends. It is a prestigious company which has won many customers’ hearts in Poland. The choice is enormous: gold, silver, platinum, pearls, precious stones. Diamonds are very high-valued. Its shops also offer lovely jewellery for children and special collections for men. It should be mentioned that Apart has also a wide range of top-class watches. 

W.KRUK is the oldest jewellery brand in Poland, it has been active since 1840. This company, same as Apart, has a network of shops in entire Poland. W.KRUK’s shops are actually in every bigger shopping centre. Apart from luxurious jewellery and modern form, the brand is distinguished by stylish and sophisticated designs.

A special and completely different jeweller’s store is located in 26 Chmielna street. The small, slightly inconspicuous at first sight, place turns out to be full of pieces of jewellery. The choice in Zielony Kot is huge. You will find here jewellery made of silver, titanium, copper and surgical steel. Semi precious stones, wood, ceramics, bones, fabrics and plastics can also be found. Prices are very diverse. Still, regardless of taste and needs, there is a little something for everyone.

The DESA gallery (48 Nowy Świat street) offers unique and beautiful old jewellery from the 19th century to the interwar period of the 20th century. Therefore, you will come across Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewellery, among others. The available gems come from Poland and also from Russia, England, Italy, France and Austria-Hungary. Each item has soul and its own history which make them one of a kind. This is a place not only for connoisseurs. 

Many attractive places with jewellery are also located in Mokotowska street, which is known as the fashionable part of Warsaw. For example, in 52A you will find Cocktail’me Showroom, which specialises in fashion jewellery. It is one of fashionistas’ favourite spots. Among highly-valued jewellery designers, the following names can be found: BEX ROX, ERIKA MARENT, HANNIBAL BALDINI from Creart2, ELEN DIMITRIADI, KENNETH JAY LANE and many more. What is more, friendly stylists will help you choose some jewellery for every woman.

Right next to Cocktail’me Showroom (63 Mokotowska), operates Be My Lilou, which belongs to a popular brand ‒ Lilou. The company has nowadays many boutiques (also in Paris). Despite skilful staff, lines are a common sight in here due to fashionable designs and affordable prices. The place is famous for personalised jewellery ‒ actually, you can engrave an important motto, an important date or a name on every single bracelet or ring.

In the same street, there is Anna Orska author’s boutique (26 Mokotowska). In fact, she has been designing for jewellery brands such as the earlier mentioned W.KRUK for many years, but she has decided to open her own business quite recently. Her works were shown in New York and Milan and her jewellery is worn by stars such as Sharon Stone. What distinguishes Orska jewellery? It is mainly intriguing and always exceptional.

Last but not least, two places which are surely worth visiting: the Lewanowicz brand and its expressive colourful designs (10 Plac Grzybowski) and Berries&CO whose jewellery is available in Made4hand in 3 Mysia street. Berries&CO is a new player on the market, its owners win more and more fans by surprising with fresh ideas.

Jubiler Schubert

Jubiler Schubert


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