Fashion map of Warsaw

We would like to invite you all for a tour of three most fashionable places in Warsaw – Nowy Świat, Three Crosses Square and Mokotowska Street. There are a lot of amazing boutiques, below, you will find information about those which you really have to visit.

EM Cashmere - Szczygla 8: a perfect refuge for stylish and confident women who do not want to wear identical, gaudy clothes from chain stores. Choosing such brands as Annette Görtz, Rundholz, ALLUDE, Sarah Pacini and Sminfinity is not a coincidence. Ageless, comfortable and unique clothes are their trademark which allowed EM Cashmere to become the symbol of original style among other boutiques in the capital.  The boutique has a huge groups of regular customers which has been constantly growing. Still, the main idea of EM Cashmere remains the same – sometimes less means more, whereas unusual cuts combine fantastically with ageless styles and colours.
Bally – 49 Nowy Świat: this Swiss company is known for quality, elegance and attention to detail. Associated mainly with footwear and manufacturing clothes and accessories, as well, it has been appreciated by many starts, both from Poland and abroad. Its products are characterised by extreme durability and most of them are hand-made. It is the only Bally store in Poland.

NOWY ŚWIAT Concept Store – 48 Nowy Świat: A place strongly identifying with the slow life philosophy and meeting the expectations of customers who prefer unique clothes made by young Polish designers over those from chain stores. For enthusiasts of original minimalism and memorable designs as well as colours which you simply cannot ignore.

FREYWILLE – 37 Nowy Świat: sophisticated artistic jewellery of this company from Vienna is famous for noble and unique enamel. Eclectic and distinctive beauty qualities guarantee that FREYWILLE is one of the most popular jewellery brands with an original style. A search for inspiration in works of the greatest artists and constant passion for elegance and classics led to creating a unique style which characterises FREYWILLE jewellery.

Lana Nguyen – 35 Nowy Świat: a place full of light clothes for women. Pastel colours, airy materials, ribbons and laces allow every woman to become a sweet princess or refined lady. Moreover, the boutique offers unique lingerie kept in the same style.

Optique Exclusive – 1 Nowy Świat: thanks to this place, glasses will not be a problematic piece of equipment anymore, instead, they become a nice addition, a part of a stylish whole. With some help from an optician, optometrist and stylist, choosing a pair of glasses turns into a fascinating journey in the world of fashion, whereas the availability of brands which are nowhere to be found on the Polish market guarantees that you will surely find a unique pair.

Coccinelle – 16 Plac Trzech Krzyży: this Italian brand is a synonym of modern elegance. A constant search for new patterns and inspirations, unique materials and production techniques turned Coccinelle into an ally of temperamental and stylish women. If the pace of your life is too fast but being distinctive is still a key issue, Coccinelle is a place where you will spend long hours.

Burberry – 3 Plac Trzech Krzyży: a brand which does not have to be introduced to anyone. Its signature feature is the famous check, which is immediately associated with the British style. Burberry offers universal patterns, amazing lines and the best materials. A single amazing style uniting fashion enthusiasts from all over the world.

Ermenegildo Zegna – 3 Plac Trzech Krzyży: finally, something for men only. This Italian fashion house, with over 100 years of tradition, is known for products of the highest quality and excellent tailoring. Two floors of Dom Dochodowy contains everything what a contemporary man needs – from clothes, through footwear to accessories. Toned colours, careful trimmings and unpretentious elegance – no gentlemen could resist such a combination.

Plac Trzech Krzyży ¾ − 1 Hoża: a place gathering carefully selected, the most appreciated clothing brands. A unique layout of rooms and impeccable service make shopping even more enjoyable. Various styles and a wide range of prestigious items guarantee that no one will leave this place disappointed.

Lilou – 63 Mokotowska: jewellery fits anybody, regardless of sex, and Lilou adds more attributes to its goods – uniqueness and personalisation. Light patterns, unique models, almost an unlimited number of combinations turns Lilou into a paradise for creative people with sophisticated taste.

Blind Concept Store – 63 Mokotowska: classic cuts for women with strong patterns. Also enthusiasts of asymmetrical cuts or oversize clothes will leave this boutique neither empty-handed nor ... bare-foot for sure because when it comes to footwear this place is a must in Warsaw.

Ania Kuczyńska – 61 Mokotowska: universal cuts balancing between aesthetic minimalism and stylish nonchalance. Ania Kuczyńska is not afraid of contrasts, avoids trends and follows her own intuition. Urban elegance and wonderful simplicity – these two features allowed her to become a world-famous designer.

Agent Provocateur – 59 Mokotowska: controversial, sensual and sexy – if these three words describe your dream lingerie, make sure to visit Agent Provocateur at 59 Mokotowska Street. High-quality, outstanding, beloved by stars from all over the world – there is no need for additional advertising.

Butik Paryżanka – 46 Mokotowska 46: France has always been considered to be the capital of world fashion. Butik Paryżanka is our own France on the map Warsaw. At the start, the boutique offered only clothes made by French designers. Nowadays, it is associated mainly with Moschino – a truly magical brand. Iconic, light, exclusive – these are the features of outfits you can find here.

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