Złote Tarasy

ZłoteTarasy is a shopping centre in the very centre of Warsaw. It can be easily accessed from various parts of the capital as well as from more distant places because of an underground connection with a train station. This allows us to go shopping or eat something in various restaurants and catering points right after getting off a train. It’s a really convenient location to start your visit in Warsaw. Going back is also more comfortable thanks to the option to wait for your train in a nice atmosphere.

Once you see the exterior shape of the structure, you’ll surely feel pleasantly curious and aesthetically satisfied. The wavy glass ceiling looks like a shining sheet of water between taller buildings and makes you want to come inside.

Inside, various attractions await – primarily shopping! A wide range of shops will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Here, you can literally buy anything. Ladies will find a rich offer of clothing, cosmetics, bags, footwear, jewellery and household equipment. Men can choose from stylish men’s clothes, sports apparel, shops with electronics and well-equipped establishments with various gadgets and games. Bookworms will surely find the best books. And if you’re looking for a gift, there’re sections with presents. When it comes to children, many shops offer lovely toys.  

In ZłoteTarasy, you can also buy foodstuffs in food shops, cake shops or shops with coffee and tea. What’s more, here you can purchase tobacco, cigars and lottery tickets to return to shopping with new energy and possibilities. There’s also a drug store, an optician, a florist shop and a fun zone for children.

Shopping is not the only way of spending time in ZłoteTarasy. For instance, you can have a great time in the cinema. A long wait for the train or friends will surely feel like a quick and exciting moment.

Lots of various cafes and restaurants are perfect for gourmands and those who want to hang out with friends. You can drink some delicious coffee, tea or eat some pie or ice-cream. And if you’re really hungry, you can choose from many interesting restaurants offering cuisine from around the world.There’re three clubs in ZłoteTarasy. They offer great music, delicious snacks, strong drinks and a great atmosphere. The overall atmosphere of the shopping centre is truly energetic as it is visited by people from different countries and of different cultures. Here, you can feel like a part of a huge city and have inspiring dreams.

ZłoteTarasy offers a full range of different services, including a bank, an exchange office, a hairdresser, a beauty parlour, a fitness club, a tailor, a shoemaker, a watchmaker and a washhouse. You can also take out an insurance, pay the bills and plan your holiday at a travel agency. And if you need help to make a fashion-related decision, a professional stylist will gladly assist you.

Follow the website of the shopping centre for the latest news and information on special offers. Something interesting happens here every single day. You can regularly expect special deals and unforgettable events related to fashion, beauty and culture.

This shopping centre full of positive energy is also the venue of meetings with authors, workshops as well as interesting events for women, men, youth and families with children.  There’s a little something for everyone!


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