• Cafes and sweet shops

    Cafes and sweet shops

    The map of Warsaw is full of sweet spots. If you love chocolate and other sweets, your taste buds will surely be satisfied...  Hot chocolate according to Wedel recipe or with some alcohol works well…
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  • Fashion and accessories

    Fashion and accessories

    When sightseeing in Warsaw, you should find some time for shopping. It is hard to resists this pleasure when there are signboards inviting to boutiques of the most popular fashion houses. You will not…
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  • Places which you have to see according to foreigners

    Places which you have to see according to foreigners

    Warsaw has surely a lot to offer but which spots impressed foreign tourists the most? First ideas are the Old Town, the Royal Łazienki and the Palace of Culture and Science. Actually, it turns out that…
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  • What to do in Warsaw during winter?

    What to do in Warsaw during winter?

    Low temperatures, snow and gusty wind at times ‒ that is winter in Warsaw. Some people protect themselves from such weather and prefer a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Paradoxically,…
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  • Following Warsaw snack bars

    Following Warsaw snack bars

    Snack bars has been really popular in Warsaw (and other big cities) for a couple of years now. The idea is simple: atmosphere like from Polish People’s Republic times, snacks typical of this period…
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  • Interesting events in Warsaw: URBAN MARKET

    Interesting events in Warsaw: URBAN MARKET

    The Urban Market is claimed to be one of the most appetizing events in the capital. It is based on a combination of delicious food with great music. Three women, whose biggest passions are cooking and…
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  • The most beautiful Old Town in Poland

    The most beautiful Old Town in Poland

    Wrocław, Warsaw, Kraków or maybe Poznań? It is extremely difficult to choose which old town is the most beautiful. Each of them is differently designed, has something unique and exceptional history.…
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  • Street Food in Warsaw

    Street Food in Warsaw

    They appeared all of a sudden and won Varsovians’ hearts. Stationary and mobile, with vegetarian menu or without it, colourful and with good prices. Street Foods, because we are talking about them,…
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  • Down Nowy Świat Street

    Down Nowy Świat Street

    Nowy Świat is one of the most popular streets in Warsaw. It is teeming with life, full of prosperous trade, culture as well as entertainment. Nowy Świat begins in Three Crosses Square and ends by the…
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  • Important monuments in Warsaw

    Important monuments in Warsaw

    Warsaw, like any other city, has its thinkers, artists and politicians. Many events of its rich, often tragic, history are stuck forever in Warsaw residents’ consciousness. Nowadays, monuments remind…
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  • Warsaw


    Warsaw, the capital and the biggest city of Poland. Enormity of 1.7 million residents makes it the ninth most populated city in the European Union. The city that lies on the Vistula arouses a feeling…
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  • Travelling in Poland

    Travelling in Poland

    You can travel in Poland both by land and air – our country is as fascinating from above as it is on the ground. Modern means of transport create many interesting and cheap opportunities for tourist…
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  • Saska Kępa – where to eat?

    Saska Kępa – where to eat?

    Saska Kępa is an exceptional place. You can go for a walk here at every time of the day. It is distinguished by lots of mysterious streets, close to the queen of Polish rivers, and many interesting spots…
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  • Health and safety in Poland: when help is needed

    Health and safety in Poland: when help is needed

    Violence against tourist is a rarity in Poland, still petty crimes such as theft are common, that is why it is better to comply with some pieces of advice: Do not flash expensive jewellery and equipment…
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  • Top 10 Clubs In Poland

    Top 10 Clubs In Poland

    Music unites generations. How can you choose a club which will come up with all your expectations? Below you will find a list of the best (according to Internet users) music clubs in Poland, reviewed…
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  • Tourism in Poland: important information

    Tourism in Poland: important information

    There are 16 provinces, 379 districts, 2478 communes in Poland. Polish provinces and their capitals are:  Podkarpackie ‒ Rzeszów Małopolskie ‒ Kraków Śląskie ‒ Katowice Opolskie ‒ Opole…
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  • Magda Gessler cuisine

    Magda Gessler cuisine

    Magda Gessler is a famous Polish restaurateur and a joint-owner of several popular restaurants. “Kuchenne rewolucje”, a TV programme, significantly contributed to Ms. Gessler popularity growth and…
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  • Charms of Warsaw

    Charms of Warsaw

    It does not matter if it is the middle of hot summer or the coldest winter days, cultural, tourist and business centre of Poland is teeming with life ‒ this is Warsaw. It attracts all year long. There…
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  • Milk Bars in Warsaw

    Milk Bars in Warsaw

    Milk bars are a symbol of the Polish People’s Republic for many Poles. They also arouse dislike at times. In fact, the situation is completely different. They are especially appreciated by foreign tourists…
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  • Jazz in Warsaw

    Jazz in Warsaw

    Jazzarium Here you can listen to some jazz as well as sounds of blues. During the day you can have here some coffee and cake. Still, Jazzarium is focused on concerts and musical experiences, food is just…
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  • Polish hostels

    Polish hostels

    Hostels are a great alternative for more expensive hotels. Standards of hostels in Poland are equal to those from Western Europe. What is more, Polish ones are much cheaper, which is obviously and advantage.…
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  • The most fashionable breakfast in the capital

    The most fashionable breakfast in the capital

    It is commonly known that breakfast should be the most important meal of the day. You can eat it in the privacy of your homeor go out. You will find lots of great spots for morning snacks and delicious…
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  • Money in Poland

    Money in Poland

    If you are coming to Poland, you should be ready for various expenses. You can exchange cash in an exchange office, but debit cards will also come in handy. They enable you to withdraw money from one…
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  • Recommended cinemas in Warsaw

    Recommended cinemas in Warsaw

    You feel like going to the cinema but do not know where and what to see? The capital has a lot to choose from! We present you a short review. Multikino and Cinema City Many cinema auditoriums and a wide…
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