The most fashionable places to eat your breakfast out

Going out for a breakfast becomes more and more popular not only in the capital! Kraków is full of restaurants, milk bars, and small bistros where you can come by for breakfast. It does not matter if you prefer a light and sweet French breakfast, a satisfying and full English one or common Polish sandwiches and a cup of good coffee.

Bunkier Cafe – breakfast in Planty

Unique location, in the heart of Planty park, turns Bunkier Cafe (3a pl.Szczepański) into a friendly place for breakfast regardless of the season. Glass walls of the cafe guarantees wonderful views, especially during pleasant sunny mornings. Breakfasts are served there until 01:00 p.m., and there is a lot to choose from – there is a little something for everyone. The menu includes breakfast set (bread and several spreads), typical English breakfast, various eggs, porridge, croissants, fluffy pancakes with fruits and honey.

NapNap Cafe –instead of a nap

NapNap Cafe at 4 Zwierzyniecka Street is a cafe opened as early as from 07:00 a.m. so you can come by on your way to work. The menu offers several kinds of toast, either sweet or salty, sandwiches, and salads. Do not forget about delicious coffee for a reasonable price, hot chocolate, or organic tea – Fair Trade Clippers. NapNap Cafe is a great place to start the day!

Smakołyki – for traditionalists

For enthusiasts of friendly prices and wide range of flavours, Smakołyki – a restaurants located at 38 Straszewskiego Street – is a perfect place to go out for breakfast. Breakfasts are served there from 08:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The menu is quite big but strongly related to Polish cuisine – you can have there muesli, omelette, pancakes, sausages, and toasts, as well as “the Polish set” consisting of bread, cheese, ham, eggs, cottage cheese, and vegetables. Full English and Italian breakfasts are also available.

Moment Resto Bar – breakfasts for sleepyheads

If you have breakfast far after 07:00 a.m., choose Moment Resto Bar, a small restaurant teeming with life situated in Kazimierz (26 Józefa Street), where breakfasts are served until 04:00 p.m.! The menu includes numerous breakfast sets – English, Polish, French, and classical ones. Apart from them, there are also scrambled as well as hard-boiled eggs, toasts, and home-made muesli. Modern interior combined with a cup of strong coffee will give you enough energy for an entire day!

BAL in Zabłocie – minimalistic

The minimalistic interior of the spot located in Zabłocie (9 Ślusarska Street) combines with not very expanded, yet delicious, breakfast menu. During weekdays, you can have there aromatic scrambled eggs with butter, omelette, or one of three breakfast sets including fresh bread with cottage cheese, cheese, and ham, or with sweet additions, as well as hot sausages.

Cava Cafe – a walk for breakfast

Kazimierz and the father Bernatek footbridge, which connects this district with Podgórze, is a perfect place for a morning walk. Especially because of the fact that there is a perfect spot for a late breakfast, Cava Cafe & Wine (1/6Nadwiślańska), located by the exit of the footbridge. Nice design combining wooden piles with modern minimalistic black and white pictures provides an unusual effect. For breakfast, you can have one of many special sets, fried egg, omelette, as well as wholemeal and Panini sandwiches. The speciality of the spot is the famous Thai soup, if you feel like trying it, do not be shy to order it from the menu during breakfast hours.


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