Transport in Warsaw

Warsaw has a very efficient public transport network which consists of the underground as well as bus and tram lines. Moreover, the city network also includes SKM ‒ Urban Rapid Rail. It enables people to reach the city centre as well as the Chopin airport from the outskirts. Travellers who have a 1-day or a long-term ticket can use the trains without any other charges.

Tourists are recommended to buy 1-day or weekend tickets because it is economical. Standard time ticket prices are the following: a single fare transfer ticket – 7 zlotys, a 20-minute − 3.40 zlotys. Long-term ticket prices are: 15 zlotys for a 1-day ticket, 24 zlotys for a weekend ticket (valid from 7 p.m. on Friday to 8 a.m. on Monday). All reduced tickets are 50% off standard prices. You can plan your travel via Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego [Management Board of the Public Transport] official website. All you have to do is just enter your final destination and starting point, the website will help you choose a convenient connection. Apart from standard sale points (such as kiosks, newsagents and shops), you can buy tickets in special machines, at drivers, as well as via a mobile phone. If you are interested in visiting the Warsaw ZOO, there is a special weekend bus which runs directly to the ZOO.

A water tram is an interesting option for tourists. You can admire the panorama of the Old Town from "Wars" during a voyage. It stops in two places: near to Poniatowski Bridge and in Cypel Czerniakowski (which is also the starting point). A voyage on "Zefir" to Serock is also an interesting suggestion. Same as Wars, it sets out from Cypel Czerniakowski. Ferries sailing up and down the Vistula are also at tourists’ disposal.

Those who prefer travelling by a taxi can use the following companies: Damel Taxi tel. 2219626, Euro Taxi tel. 2219662, Lux Taxi tel. 2219666, Taxi Plus tel. 2219621, Twoja Taxi tel. 2219654, Bayer Taxi tel. 2219667, Toptaxi tel. 2219621, Wawa-Taxi tel. 2219644, Super Taxi tel. 2219622, Halo-Taxi tel. 2219623, Korpo-Taxi tel. 2219624, GOLD TAXI tel. 2219688, AS TAXI tel. 221005353, CITY WARSAW TAXI tel. 2219459, URSYN TAXI tel. 2219466, Volfra tel. 2219625. Taxis can be also found in taxi ranks which are located in the following places: 25 Statkowskiego, 19 Wołomińska, 55 Wilcza, 1 Daniłowskiego, 3  Przy Agorze, 11 Wrzeciono, 13 Urle, 2 Żeligowskiego, 23  Modzelewskiego, 26a Bukowińska, 2 Ciołkosza, 54 Letykarska, 136  Grochowska, 15 Karabeli, 13 Asfaltowa, 9 Borowej Góry, 3b  Konduktorska, 127 Czerniakowska, 24 Aleje Ujazdowskie, 22 Andersa, 3 Skrzetuskiego.

The capital has also many companies which offer car renting. You can rent a car from these companies: Dolcar (294 Puławska), Car4Rent (17 Zygmunta Słomińskiego), Alpha Rent (17 Lwowska), Le  Car  Sp.  z  o.o. (36 Łopuszczańska), Best-Rent s.c. (4  Księżnej  Anny), SPEED Sp. z o.o. (9 Radarowa), Rentino (44 Aleje Jerozolimskie) and EURO Style (32 Żwirki i Wigury).

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