Antiques and art galleries in Cracow

Kraków is a perfect place for antique, unique rara avis, and work of arts hunters. Numerous antique shops with furniture, art galleries, and antiquarian bookshops turn the capital of Małopolska into a great location where you can come across the best items.

Antiquarian bookshops in Kraków

If you are a true bookworm, make sure to visit Antykwariat Skrypt (9 Jabłonkowskich Street). This bookshop has been opened since 1992 and has got over 19,000 books, including works related to belles-lettres, liberal arts, engineering, science, and biology, for sale. You can access the resources of this bookshop via its internet store.

Another place which will surely attract every single bookworm is Antykwariat Abecadło at 2 Pijarska Street. Impressive collections of this bookshop include 20,000 books, maps, documents, and old postcards. As a part of additional activity of Abecadło, in its second location at 111 Dietla Street, meetings with authors, photo exhibitions, and other interesting cultural as well as reading events are held.

Antykwariat naukowy Verbum is a spot which will interest all people looking for old scientific works, but not only. Books from the 19th and 20th century, antique books, magazines, postcards, prints, scores, and even gramophone records are available for sale. The bookstore is located at 1 Domikańska Street, you can find the entire offer on its website.

True rarae aves can be found in Antykwariat Wójtowicz at 19 Szpitalna Street. Apart from a wide range of 19th- and 20th-cenutry books, antique books, maps, and magazines, the bookshop organises antiquarian auctions from time to time. The oldest items included in the collection of Antykwariat Wójtowicz date back to the 16th century.

Antique shops with furniture

Among shops offering antique furniture Antykwariat Antyki Widurscy, located at 14 Zwierzyniecka Street, should be distinguished. This antique shop offers various furniture from the 19th and 20th century, elements of interior decoration (lamps, clocks, caskets, cutlery, candlesticks), as well as beautiful old jewellery and paintings.

Another antique shop worth recommending is located at 44 A al. Płk. Beliny-Prażmowskiego – Antyki Decco. The offer includes beautiful old sculptures, canes, cake stands, lamps, and other examples of the applied arts. There is a little something for every connoisseur. You can check the offer of this antique shop on Allegro.

Art Galleries in Kraków

You can come across charming small art galleries at every turn near the Main Square in Kraków. Right there (11 Rynek Główny), art salon Connaisseur, an appreciated gallery existing for over 20 years, is located. You can admire and purchase there works of Polish painting from the 19th and 20th century. Particular attention is drawn by artists of the Young Poland movements’ and representatives of Kraków landscape school’s paintings.

Not far away, 400 metres from the Market, Galeria Sztuki ATTIS (14 Starowiślana Street) is situated. The collection of the gallery contains works of classics such as Roman Zakrzewski or Edward Dwurnik, as well as paintings of young artists – Zuzanna Kuławiak and Kamila Gruszecka, among others. A special place in the gallery was provided for the works of the old art from the 19th century.

Fans of contemporary art will gladly visit Fresz Gallery – a young and dynamic gallery of modern art which supports young artists by promoting them in the new media and providing a wider public with access to pieces of art. Such artists as Olga Pawłowska, Maciej Pisiałek, and Martyna Borowiecka display their works there.


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