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Today, when life is definitely too fast and everyone is bustling, stressed and exhausted, we all need a place to recover from stress and get rid of negative energy. A yoga school is a perfect idea for relaxation and calming down.

Yoga Republic is located in one of historical streets in the very centre of Warsaw. The school is adapted to both beginners and experienced yogis.

The traditional Ashtanga Jogi method is taught by teachers who learned yoga in the famous K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in India. The teachers in Yoga Republic can adjust relevant techniques according to their students’ level to provide the most satisfying effects. The popularity of the method offered by Yoga Republic is based mainly on special harmonisation of yoga positions, which when combined in a sequence and performed with a cleansing breath give a thorough relaxing effect both mental and physical.

The school offers different types of classes. Classes for beginners and advanced are additionally divided into dynamic and relaxing yoga. To increase concentration and provide better contact with the teacher, the classes are held in small groups. Two rooms make it possible to organise two different courses simultaneously.



Śniadeckich 18/1
+ 48 790 805 853
Opening hours:
According to the schedule available online

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