"Amazing technologies" at 65 Mińska Street on the Night of Museums

Mińska 65 /

14.05.2016 18:00


15.05.2016 01:00

The Polish Press Agency invites everyone on 14 May 2016 from 06:00 p.m. to 01:00 a.m. to 65 Mińska Street for the second edition of the exhibition entitled “Amazing technologies”. The place can be reached by an urban bus transporting visitors to attractions of the Night of Museums – “Drukarnia PAP” stop.

During the Night of Museums, we will be promoting Polish science and the most gifted, often very young, scientists who will show their inventions, tell something about them and show how they work in practice. We have also invited Polish companies which will present the latest technological achievements of various fields.

This year, the event will be held under the honourable patronage of the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

The programme of the Night of Museums at 65 Mińska Street includes, among others:

  • The Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police presenting the latest investigation techniques
  • Drones: Hash, Darwin, Y6 and Wannolot (flying bathtub) and drone flight simulator built by 24 Godziny Sp. z o.o.
  • SHOT.ME will show GIF.ME – a product combining photos into impressive animations and PICTURE.ME – an application allowing to post photos and videos in real time on an online platform.
  • Vigo System Company – presentations of Polish thermal devices related to infrared
  • Kamil Różański will present the AVENTYbike – a unique hybrid vehicle
  • HYPERION 2 and MAGMA 2, mars rovers, a hexacopter and an unmanned aerial vehicle of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Białystok University of Technology
  • a Small Engineer with a dry ice show, robots presentation and robotics workshops
  • the Ministry of Science and Higher Education with two amazing exhibitions and interesting workshops for children
  • a mobile planetary of “Planeta Anuka” Education Centre
  • a mobile escape room of Team Exit – beat the clock, find a radioactive substance and save the participants of the Night of Museums from its effects
  • FPV plane model, recording from planes and vide goggles at PitLab stand
  • an amazing exhibition of models from Star Wars built by Krzysztof Wilczyński
  • Katarzyna Kobylarz’s painintgs in ChromaDepth 3D technology which can be watched through special 3D glasses
  • Exhibitions: Microworld, Material purity, The magic of magnetism and Frozen world prepared by the Faculty of Material Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology
  • The CyberFish project, prepared by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Cracow University of Technology, and Śledzik (Herring), a project related to state safety and defence
  • Proto3D will present 3D prints and Zortax M200 3D printer in action
  • The Reactor – the Sculpture Laboratory with interesting workshops for children and adults
  • Millennium Falcon – the fastest piece of junk in the galaxy, the latest X-Wings from the Star Wars: Force Awakens, majestic Imperial Walkers – an amazing exhibition of models built by Bernard Szukiel
  • Controlling LEGO robots, constructor’s corner and building robots at TwójRobot (Your Robot) stand
  • Student’s Astronaut Association of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology will show, among others, Skarabeusz – the first Polish rover to compete at the University Rover Challenge
  • The Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw with the latest rescue and firefighting equipment
  • TESLABOARDS – electric skateboards of the highest quality
  • VersaBox will show the VeeBee and FatBoy robots

During the Night of Museums, a collection for Mariusz Wachowicz, a journalist of the Polish Press Agency who had an accident a few months ago, fell in a coma and now requires an intense and expensive rehabilitation, will be held at 65 Mińska Street.

The journalists of the Polish Press Agency will organise a stand dedicated to him where they will be convincing the visitors to support their colleague. Mariusz is not just an agency journalist but also a Doctor of gardening, varsavianist, gifted cook and culinary blogger. During the Night of Museums, there will be a chance to try some dishes invented by him as well as to discover some secrets of working as an agency journalist.

At 09:00 p.m., his friends from Zaawansowany Zespół Niespokojnych Nóg, Black Dog, who are going to perform once more for Mariusz, and królduch, who have recently joined the group of his friends, are going to give a concert.


Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/events/941854732572491/

Honorary Patronage of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Music patronage: Antyradio

Media patronage: CoolHunters Polska, Crazy Nauka, Dziennik Internautów, Gdzieco.pl, Going., Okno na Warszawę, Via City Map, Warszawa w Pigułce, waw4free - w Warszawie za darmo!

Partner: Instytut Mikromakro Foundation

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