• The most interesting hotels near Warsaw

    The most interesting hotels near Warsaw

    Warsaw offers huge accommodation. Luxurious hotels, elegant suites, comfortable hostels give a choice which cannot be found in any Polish city. We have got several suggestions for those who actually look…
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  • Charms of Warsaw

    Charms of Warsaw

    It does not matter if it is the middle of hot summer or the coldest winter days, cultural, tourist and business centre of Poland is teeming with life ‒ this is Warsaw. It attracts all year long. There…
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  • Leisure at the Polish seaside

    Leisure at the Polish seaside

    Beaches spread almost all along the entire sea border of Poland, i.e. 440 km. They are the main destination when Poles plan their holiday. Seaside towns come up with more and more new attractions to attract…
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  • 10 Hotels for the weekend

    10 Hotels for the weekend

    These are ten most interesting hotels for a weekend in Poland in our opinion: The first place on our list is taken by the 3-star Kuracyjny Spa & Wellness Hotel in Gdynia. Cosy rooms, delicious food,…
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  • Top 10 Water Parks

    Top 10 Water Parks

    Poland may not be the hottest European country, but when it comes to water parks, we have the bragging right. There are so many of them that it is extremely hard to choose. You can see the list of the…
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