Nowy Teatr – repertoire from 14 October 2016

Nowy Teatr /




from 5 October

Body/Mind Festival


10-13 October

Christoph Schlingensief vol. 2

Christoph Schlingensief was a complete artist. Throughout his career, he directed opera performances and theatre plays as well as radio broadcasts. He was also a talk show host, performer and, most of all, film director.

He broke numerous conventions and patterns.

The audience will have a chance to watch Schlingensief’s TV and theatre works.

10.10 / 19:00


Serie von Animatographen [Series of animatographs] (2001, 8 min.)

The African Twin Towers (ATT Tagebuchfilm, 2005-2009, 70 min.)

11.10 / 19:00


Erster Attaistischer Film [First attaistic film] (2003, 52 min.)

Hinter der Bühne [Behind the scene] (18.01.2004, 24 min.)

12.10 / 19:00


Schlingensiefs Container. Ausländer Raus! [Schlingensiefs Container. Foreigners out!], by Paul Poet, (2002, 90 min.)

13.10 / 20.30


Episode 1: Tausend Theorien – Diedrich Diedrichsen [Thousand theories – Diedrich Diedrichsen]

(2000, 43 min.)

Christoph Schlingensief – interview (2001, 15 min.)

Episode 2: Joseph Beuys + Indien [Joseph Beuys + India] (2000, 35 min.)

Episode 7: Afrika [Africa] (2001, 29 min.)

Discussion with special guests after each screening.

The films will be screened with Polish subtitles.

Free admission​

13-14 October 19:00

The Dybbuk

A guest performance by Teatr Polski from Bydgoszcz.

Text: Ignacy Karpowicz and actors group,

inspired "the Dybbuk” by Szymon Anski.

Director: Anna Smolar Tickets: PLN 50/35/20

13 October 19:00

Other visions. Sci-fi cinema beyond Hollywood

Series of screenings and lectures by Paweł Frelik. 

The director of the Video Game Research Centre, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, who is involved in science fiction, among other things, will present the sci-fi cinema without unnecessary surroundings which can be spotted in Hollywood productions.

During the lecture, The Congress , directed by Ari Folman, will be screened.

Based on Stanisław Lem’s novel, it is a film about motherhood, love and fading in a sci-fi world.

More information at: www.nowyteatr.org

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