Krzysztof Tyniec in his recital "DOPOKĄD"

Ateneum Theatre /

16.12.2015 19:30



Krzysztof Tyniec – one of the most distinctive Polish actors – presents a completely new face.

In his recital called “Dopokąd”, he is going to present his own and several Krzysztof Piasecki’s texts. The works are going to refer to themes close to everyone – love, fascination, inevitably passing time. Tyniec’s message is characterised by great calmness, so rare in modern times. Of course, a sense of humour does not leave him. The unique atmosphere of the recital is provided by the author’s healthy distance from himself, his profession and biggest achievements. He is going to share his observations on life transferring to virtual reality and take the audience for a walk around an area very close to his heart – Saska Kępa.

The actor is going to be accompanied by the musicians of a band called Piramida, namely:

Piotr Kajetan Matczuk – keyboard instruments, music director

Piotr Augustynowicz – guitars

Tomasz Imienowski – bass

Tomasz Paszko – percussion


Teatr Ateneum

16 December 2015

Time: 07:30 p.m.

Tickets: PLN 60

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