Family Fun at the Wielki

Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa, Redutowe Rooms
1 Pl. Teatralny /




The Teatr Wielki invites families with children from 5 to 8 years old to participate in creative music, dance, and art workshops. By motivating children while having fun, we shape their imagination and instil passion for music in them. The forms of having fun are making music, drawing, colouring, cutting out notes, playing percussion instruments and chimes. The workshops are going to include songs composed for children.

Topics of the workshops:

“Notes hidden in colours. The mysterious conductor”

“Do instruments have families? I play, dance, knock”

“Find me, brother John”

PASS 1 – 20 September, 29 November, 25 April

PASS 2 – 4 October, 7 February, 9 May

PASS 3 – 18 October, 14 February, 30 May

PASS 4 – 15 November, 21 March, 13 June

Duration of a workshop: 60 minutes

The price of a pass for three different music workshops is PLN 45 per pass (1 adult, 1 child).

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