Fałat’s watercolours and Witkacy’s pastels on the exhibition and auction at DESA Unicum

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On 15 September, an exhibition presenting works of outstanding artists from the Young Poland and interwar period will be held at 07:00 p.m.

The first is Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz – an outstanding mind admiring the female beauty, which he depicted.

One of such paintings is “Portret kobiecy” [Portrait of a woman] from 1933. The starting price for this work is PLN 50,000.

In 1925, Witkiewicz and his father founded the portrait company “S.I. Witkiewicz”, where he painted various portraits for his friends as well as anonymous customers.

Apart from Witkacy’s paintings, works of Tadeusz Makowski will be put up for an auction.

One of the works will be “Dzieci na plaży” [Children at the beach], created when the painter was in his prime.

Guests will have a chance to see excellent still life by Leon Wyczółkowski. One of the paintings will be “Kwiaty w wazonach” [Flowers in vase].

Moreover, art enthusiasts will see watercolours painted by Julian Fałat, Apoloniusz Kędzierski and Józef Mehoffer.

Until 15 September, all painting to be put on for the auction will be displayed on a free exhibition.

More information: https://desa.pl/pl/auctions/345/aukcja-sztuki-dawnej-prace-na- papierze-15-wrzesnia-2016-godz-19

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