Drop on the grass – breakfast market in Żoliborz

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30.07.2016 09:00



This Saturday, 30 July, the final edition of the summer campaign “drop on the grass” is taking place. The programme includes, among others things, a recycling point, educational games, culinary shows with tasting.

At 11:30 a.m. a free culinary show, starring the winner of the Polish edition of Master Chef – Damian Kordas, will be held.

What is more, an ecological, educational and physical game – “The Maze” – will be organised.

Besides, a team of physiotherapists from the Institute of Mother and Child will examine children to check whether they have problems with incorrect posture. The specialists will show exercises which will allow children to develop properly.

Anyone who will bring at least 3 plastic bottles to the recycling point and take a photo in GIFbudka will receive a special prize, perfect for summer.

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