Dom Towarowy Bracia Jabłkowscy
ul. Bracka 25 /

11.04.2015 11:00


19.04.2015 19:00

You are all invited to third edition of ART MARKET Poland fair. It's a unique event which gathers Polish designers and artists from whole Poland. The main idea of the event is to create friendly space for young creators who can sell their works and promote their brand. It's a chance to find some unique and stylish stuff that are not available in regular sale. Designers represent various disciplines of art, that's why the fair is divided into five zones:

1. Fashion - clothes, shoes and accessories

2. Biżu - jewellery

3. Design - furniture, lamps, ceramics

4. Kids - clothes, toys, educational materials

5. Art - paintings, sculptures and others

Additionally various workshops are planned and educational zone. Don't miss the event and spend some time shopping outside the noise and crowd of department stores.


Admission free!

Website: www.artmarketpoland.pl

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