“About Kate who lost her geese”

Groteska Theatre
2 Skarbowa /




The Groteska theatre invites all children and adults for a play that is an adaptation of a story which is considered a classic of Polish children’s literature.

The story about Kasia the goose-keeper who lost her geese kidnapped by an evil wolf is full of warm and kind characters who are very likeable and easy to identify with. Some of them are: Matuska the housekeeper, Ambroży the blacksmith, Ambroży’s wife, brave Jaś Juhas, forest dwarfs, Little Goat, Piglet, Lambs, Doggy. The fairy tale “O Kasi, co gąski zgubiła” [“About Kate who lost her geese”] by Maria Kownacka invites the audience to its world, is full of highland humour and hospitality. The play is intended for children of any age as well as all adults.

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