• Best events in Cracow

    Best events in Cracow

    The next couple of months in Kraków are going to be really exciting. The former capital of Poland is going to be visited by numerous world music stars, and several other entertaining events are going…
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  • Best gigs and events of 2015 in Cracow

    Best gigs and events of 2015 in Cracow

    This year is going to be loud in Kraków! Legends of rock, Juwenalia student festival and many music festivals – there is definitely no room for boredom. May will begin with a bang – Agnostic Front…
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  • Live music in Krakow!

    Live music in Krakow!

    Kraków is one of those locations on the map of Poland where the greatest number of concerts and mass events is held. That is because of the fact that there are many places where the biggest and most…
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  • Nightlife in Krakow

    Nightlife in Krakow

    Kraków, besides the capital, is said to be the best party city in Poland! Every weekend, countless pubs, bars, and clubs host thousands of partying residents of Kraków as well as tourists visiting the…
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  • Party streets in Cracow

    Party streets in Cracow

    The night life of Kraków focuses on the vicinities of the Main Square and Kazimierz – the biggest number of clubs is located in those parts of the city. Many spots are situated also in other districts…
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  • Tyskie Browarium - museum of brewing

    Tyskie Browarium - museum of brewing

    Summer is a perfect moment to take even a small break from work, some rest as well as an interest in something new. If you happen to spend the summer in Kraków or nearby, it is worth taking a one-day…
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  • What to visit in Cracow on a weekend?

    What to visit in Cracow on a weekend?

    The Market Square, Wawel, Kazimierz, Kościuszko Mound – those clichéd spots on the map of Kraków are “besieged” by tourists every weekend. However, Kraków has more attractions to offer which,…
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