• Dom Polski Restaurant

    Dom Polski Restaurant

    Restaurant Dom Polski These days, when we’re surrounded by constant changes, it’s worth turning to nature to find solace. By returning to the roots, we feel peace and quiet, can find a new source…
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  • The Alchemist

    The Alchemist

    The number of pubs in cities is constantly growing – no wonder, the demand is huge. However, the demand for such places is not the only thing that’s getting bigger and bigger. The same goes for expectations…
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  • Magda Gessler cuisine

    Magda Gessler cuisine

    Magda Gessler is a famous Polish restaurateur and a joint-owner of several popular restaurants. “Kuchenne rewolucje”, a TV programme, significantly contributed to Ms. Gessler popularity growth and…
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  • Media chefs and their restaurants in Warsaw

    Media chefs and their restaurants in Warsaw

    Culinary shows are one of the regular elements of television programming. Still, cooking is not enough for the viewers any more. It is important that a chef is a go-getting media person who has this something…
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  • Culinary spots in Warsaw

    Culinary spots in Warsaw

    Do you prefer traditional Polish flavour or are you a fan of unusual, modern solutions? You will surely find something suitable because the offer of Warsaw restaurants comes up with the biggest gourmets’…
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  • Cafes and sweet shops

    Cafes and sweet shops

    The map of Warsaw is full of sweet spots. If you love chocolate and other sweets, your taste buds will surely be satisfied...  Hot chocolate according to Wedel recipe or with some alcohol works well…
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  • Places with food for vegans and vegetarians

    Places with food for vegans and vegetarians

    While new customers’ needs are being created, new restaurants and cafes which come up with their culinary expectations are being founded. The capital has more and more noteworthy places for vegans and…
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  • Top 7 Restaurant In Warsaw

    Top 7 Restaurant In Warsaw

    Finding the best restaurants in Warsaw is quite a challenge for those who do not know the city well enough. It is hard to pick one because there are so many of them. To make the search a little bit easier,…
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  • Street Food in Warsaw

    Street Food in Warsaw

    They appeared all of a sudden and won Varsovians’ hearts. Stationary and mobile, with vegetarian menu or without it, colourful and with good prices. Street Foods, because we are talking about them,…
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  • Best burgers in Warsaw

    Best burgers in Warsaw

    Not long ago, the word ‘burger’ was associated mainly with worldwide chains with unhealthy food, shabby bars with junk food and fat American teenagers, however, recently burgers have got a second…
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  • Milk Bars in Warsaw

    Milk Bars in Warsaw

    Milk bars are a symbol of the Polish People’s Republic for many Poles. They also arouse dislike at times. In fact, the situation is completely different. They are especially appreciated by foreign tourists…
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  • Restaurant Polska Różana

    Restaurant Polska Różana

    Restaurant Polska Różana   Vases with fresh cut flowers, embroidered cloths on tables, discrete lighting and live music piano... that’s how we’re welcomed at the Restaurant Polska Różana. Both…
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