Najważniejsza wyprawa Marka Kamińskiego

Kino Helios, Park Magnolia /

19.10.2016 18:30



Marek Kamiński – a traveller who has reached both the North and South Pole, man of great courage, strength and persistence.

On 28 September, he released a book about a journey, yet this time not to a distant place but inside himself.

“ Trzeci biegun” [The third Pole] is a story of a loner who confesses his thoughts during a long journey. This is a story about the most difficult journey in his life.

On his journey, Kamiński was accompanied by Jan Czarlewski.

Thanks to careful observations, a film about this man was made.​

It will be screened in several Polish cities:

13.10 (Thursday) 06:30 p.m., Kino Atlantic, 33 Chmielna Street, Warsaw

17.10 (Monday) 06:30 p.m., Helios Cinema, Galeria Rzeszów, 44 Al. Piłsudskiego, Rzeszów

18.10 (Tuesday) 06:30 p.m., Helios Cinema, 17 Pl. Kopernika, Opole

19.10 (Wednseday) 06:30 p.m., Helios Cinema, 58 Legnicka Street, Wrocław

20.10 (Thursday) 06:30 p.m., Helios Cinema, Sukcesja, 1 Al. Politechniki, Łódź

21.10 (Friday) 06:30 p.m., Helios Cinema, 41C Kołobrzeska Street, Gdańsk

29.10 (Saturday) 06:30 p.m., Kino Pod Baranami, 27 Rynek Główny, Kraków

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