Jubiler Schubert

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It is a famous Polish company, which has been active on the jewellery market for years. You can find here anything what is related to jeweller’s craft: small pendants perfect for delicate women as wells as classic watches for elegant men.

The Schubert Gallery is inspired by naturalness and beauty. Amber is a really rewarding material from which wonderful ornaments are made. It is a constant and the most important element of local jewellery projects. The noblest metals and natural stones are used for true masterpieces.

Schubert jeweller’s store is a family company as well as the biggest shop of this kind in the entire country. Magnificence by masters of jeweller’s art is made with exceptionally artistry. Company traditions of many years and jeweller’s techniques passed on to next generations are reasons for the highest quality.

The interior of the salon looks like the most beautiful palace, full of shining precious stones. The number of jewellery is impressive. Watches by Schubert are great complement for men’s dress, while the offered jewellery is a perfect element for wardrobe of every woman.

In fact, high quality does not always go hand in hand with high prices. Schubert proves that anyone can own the most beautiful jewellery without spending a fortune.



http://www.jubilerschubert.pl ;http:// www.worldofamber.pl

ul. Świętojańska 11
ul. Piwna 12/14
ul. Piwna 26
ul.Świętojańska 11
+48 22 831 16 00
Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday 09:00 a.m. - 08:00 p.m.

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  • >Hi Denise! Yes, I thought the same thing about the bag. If there was any emeobidrry done here it was done one bead at a time in between the knitted beads. I cannot see the back of the stitching. The bag is nicely lined with some type of (very old) leather. And, it was hard to resist all the beads at that one shop, for sure! My main consideration was the fact that I had to carry them to another country in my hand luggage before going home. The small amount of beads I did buy were quite heavy! :0