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Spa For You is a surgical spa centre which is situated in the Marriott hotel. The salon is located on the first floor, within the area of the Holmes Place Premium fitness centre. This place is dedicated to people who appreciate relaxation, harmony and physical effort. Customers of Spa For You have access to a wide range of procedures. The opening hours are flexible, whereas, the staff is bilingual which can really come in handy for foreign guests.

The salon offers various body as well as facial massages and procedures. They are always individually selected for every customer. Only natural, high-quality cosmetics based on algae and sea minerals of companies such as Thalgo, Dermalogica or Lycon are used. Thanks to skilled specialists, Spa For You will elicit natural beauty from everyone.

The offer also includes special services for particular target groups. Regenerations for men, future brides and for couples are completely different from each other. It is possible to organise here a private party. You can also buy special packages of vouchers for definite amounts. Their duration and costs of can be checked on the pricelist. The Spa For You offer includes following categories: body procedures, facial procedures, wax depilation, foot and hand care and eye stylization. Prices are quite high, however, if you take quality of service, fantastic experts and exclusive cosmetics into consideration, they cannot be called outrageous.




ul. Senatorska 13/15 (Hotel Bellotto)
+48 695 34 24 34
+48 693 64 33 63
Opening hours:
poniedziałek -piątek od 10:00 do 21:00
sobota - niedziela od 10:00 do 21:00

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  • Hei igjen, og takk for kommentar i bleoggn min. :)Tok det ikke som en klage, men heller til etteretning. Er helt enig i at gult pe5 grf8nt var vanskelig (det var se5nn i malutforningen), se5 ne5 har jeg endret det. Takker se5 masse for e5 ha gjort meg oppmerksom pe5 det. :)